Paperwork is a major part of the internal structure that gives an independent contracting company its shape, stability, and promotion of service excellence.  In the industries of HVAC, plumbing and electrical it is important that accurate paperwork completion becomes second nature for all members of the service team.  This is achieved only through proper training, review, and follow-up with everyone in the company on how to effectively and efficiently complete paperwork.  Company paperwork is a tool that works to achieve service excellence by:

Creating Transparency- When paperwork is properly completed it works to create transparency between the customer and the company as well as within the company team. When a client feels that they have no way of tracking where their money is being invested then they will get the impression that they lack control; which can lead to distrust.  Providing a clear picture of a customer’s investments builds rapport, camaraderie and trust.  Proper paperwork also paints a clear internal picture for a service company.  When paperwork is accurately competed and handled, it acts as an effective tool used for tracking clients, calls, and investments.  When a company knows that they have a grip on proper procedures regarding paperwork then they can be a more confident company with less questions and miscommunication.

Improving Communication- Communication is key to running a smooth and efficient service company.  Effectively communicating to customers is vital to making sales, setting leads, and obtaining referrals.  Paperwork helps to create a smooth transition pattern for technicians to follow while on a call.  Creating a process that keeps interaction between the customer and technician moving in a systematic order, helps to reveal the professionalism of the company and allows the technician to be confident on handling every call. Proper paperwork also creates effective communication within the company.  CSRs don’t have to guess what happens on a service call when all techs use the same verbiage on paperwork.  Streamline communication within a company positively effects communication in the field and in the office, so it is important for a business to train all team members on the company’s paperwork standards.

Jumpstarting Organization- By training technicians, CSRs, and dispatchers to properly fill out paperwork the first time creates less confusion and less work in the future.  When client information is filed it can be easily interpreted when the files are revisited.  Success and productivity are jeopardized if a company has to spend more time reorganizing and redoing paperwork rather than building other areas of the business.  Successful organization depends on an effective process that can be replicated by everyone in the company.  The more organized the company paperwork then the smoother and more efficient business can run.

It is to every company’s benefit to keep their team highly trained in the systems and processes of the company and properly completing paperwork is a vital component of a company’s systems and processes.  When a service company maintains paperwork they build service excellence by creating a transparent company worthy of trust, effective company communication skills, as well as greater company efficiency through organization.  Take some purposeful time to revisit your company’s paperwork procedures and training.  If you find that they aren’t meeting your high standards of service excellence then let S.E.T. help you revamp your process and implement proper company training.  Thanks for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training,  we strive to turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.