Growing sales inside an independent contracting company whether HVAC, plumbing, or electrical; requires the training, practice, and implementation of many great skills.  When it comes to building a sale it is always important to remember the three essential aspects that we are going to explore in our post today.  The three V’s of sales work to grow client rapport, company service excellence and, in return, more sales:


The first important aspect of growing sales is ensuring that clients recognize the value of the needed product, service, or replacement.  This first comes by building the value of your company by expressing amazing service excellence then proving the need by doing a thorough diagnostic and then working to prove the value of the client’s investment options.  When clients see the value of both the product as well as the value of doing business with your service company then the closing “yes” is not far behind.  Helping to add value to both the sale and the sales experience is an excellent way to build your company’s sales as well as build your company’s reputation.


Another important component to the sales process is vision.  Vision goes hand-in-hand with adding value.  In the middle of a sales call it can, at times, be difficult for a client to see the “big picture” through all the minute details.  So it is important that technicians are ready and able to cast the vision.   One way that techs can do this is by writing out and calculating a cost comparison analysis so clients can see the long-term benefits of their potential investment in a repair or replacement option.  When clients see their investment working to their benefit in regards to health, finances, or energy efficiency then it can help them grasp the long-term vision and value of investing the your company’s products.


Along with adding value and casting a vision, it is also important to become the company voice.  Working as a company voice takes qualifying skills, the ability to read body language, and the ability to overcome objections.  If a client is left to make up his or her mind without being asked the closing question then more than likely he will not make the sale on his own.  However, if techs are confident and trained to be receptive to potential client objections and overcome them through using different closing techniques; then there is a voice of reason and expertise that can help answer questions and ask for the close.

The combination of these three skills can help a service company boost their sales as well as increase their client retention.  When your company team works to make their sales about adding value, casting a vision, and becoming a voice of reason then you are setting up your team for great sales success.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training