Inside of every independent contracting company whether HVAC, plumbing, or electrical there are three important types of leads: Marketed Leads, Technician Leads, and Referral Leads.  Each type of lead plays a major role in generating sales and each lead is bred out of a consumer’s need and interest as well as your company’s reputation.  In this blog, we will delve into the important components of marketed leads.  When growing and developing your company’s marketed leads it is essential to maintain focus in these three important areas:

-Know your Target Market-

Before implementing a full-on marketing effort, it is wise to research and determine your target market.  When you have established the area and population that you want to specifically target with your marketing efforts, it allows for further honing and research of the particular zone and marketing pool.  When a company knows their target market, they not only know the area and population they are pursuing but they also will know the places within their target market that will get the most visibility and, in the long run, bring the most leads and results.

-Market within your means and invest in what works-

This next concept works closely with determining your target market.  Once research on your target market has been completed then it is time to invest in marketing efforts.  When preparing to invest, it is vitally important that service companies focus on advertising and marketing that fits into their company budget as well as marketing that has been proven to work in the target market and marketing zone.  There is no reason to invest in marketing that is outside your company’s means that, in the long run, will produce no results.  It is important for companies to have a marketing plan and budget that they stick with because when a company takes the time and effort to maintain their proposal and financial plan, it will lead to greater critical and analytical thinking about marketing that brings results.

-Capitalize on your company website and social media outlets-

Creating an engaging website, accessible social media sites, and intriguing blogs are a cost effective marketing effort, especially in today’s world.  Even if a potential customer sees a compelling advertisement on a billboard or on a door hanger they will most likely do further online research of your company and services.  For this very reason it is so important to keep your website clean, fresh, and up-to-date. Your website, social media sites, or blogs may receive more web traffic or views each day than any of your other marketing efforts.  So why not devote meaningful time and effort into managing these great company investments that will bring opportunities, leads, and results.

Marketed leads are a vital aspect inside of a healthy and growing service company. To make the most of marketed leads it is important to maintain a positive focus on your company’s target market, gain a keen understanding of marketing that works into your budget and works in your target market as well as an emphasis on maintaining useful company web resources.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we have popular and engaging lessons devoted to the importance of generating leads as well as access to great marketing resources.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we love turning your learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.