A successful independent contracting company must be made up of great team members that respect and adhere to the values and message of their service company.  Great companies will help their employees excel at achieving growth in sales and leads.  In order for sales technicians and service technicians in the field of HVAC, electrical or plumbing to truly succeed in increasing their sales and leads, they must have a belief in two overarching areas of service:

1.  They must have a belief in helping people. It is imperative that techs have a desire for meeting their customers’ needs.  This is achieved when a technician:

Has the customer’s best interest in mind– Techs should always start with accomplishing the need that the customer initially called for.  They shouldn’t start the call with their own personal sales agenda.  When a customer feels that they are listened to and valued then a relationship can be built.  When a customer likes and trusts a technician they are more likely to do business with the service company.

Takes time to do a thorough and proper diagnostic as well as have the knowledge of the repercussions that go along with the diagnosed issues When a tech takes time to do a great diagnostic, provides visual evidence of the problems, and explains the potential repercussions related to the issue; it continues to prove their care for the customer and gives the customer hard-evidence that will guide them to their final investment decision.

2.  They must have a belief in the products and services of their company. Along with having a desire to help people, a technician must believe that their service company is truly the right company to invest in.  Technicians believe this when they:

Know and agree with their company’s message and values– When a technician is truly sold on their service company’s message and values, they will be better equipped to effectively convey the unparalleled service of their company to potential customers.  It is more likely for a customer to invest in a company that receives great promotions from its employees.

Have loyalty to their company and belief in the quality of the company’s products and people-Along with portraying their genuinely positive view of their service company’s message and values, a tech that is loyal to their company and expresses their personal belief in the high quality of the products and people is more likely to gain the respect and business of potential customers.

When sales technicians and service technicians have a winning mindset it is only then that they can effectively grow and develop their skills in increasing sales and leads. Here at Service Excellence Training we have great training material and resources for sales tech and service tech training in the area of leads and sales. Let us walk with your team through their learning and implementation process as they move forward to attain greater service excellence.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we strive to turn your learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.