No matter the season within the HVAC, Electrical, or Plumbing industry and no matter the reason for the customer call, independent contractors should never forget the key action steps that make up their company’s “non-negotiables.”  While these actions may seem like minor aspects in the big scheme of a business, it is vital to remember that the small things add up. Non-negotiables create consistency among your team, build value within your company, and greatly effect your overall service excellence.

The purpose of performing these non-negotiables can be seen when we begin to view our service from our customer’s perspective.  Within the service and sales industry it is vital to learn to see the world from others’ standpoints because at the end of the day the customer’s perspective is the only one that can lead to a sale.  But what service providers can control are the action steps taken to build and transform their customer’s perspective of their service, their company, and their product. When service technicians, sales technicians, CSRs, and managers perform their company’s non-negotiable action steps to the highest standard these are three major perspectives that their customers will have:

  1. “This company really respects me.”-  Many times the actions that prompt this client perspective are non-verbal in nature.  A technician who automatically puts on floor savers while standing on a clean company floor protection mat outside the front door of their customer’s house may not see this trained action as a very meaningful; but to the customer it demonstrates respect for their home and property.
  2. “Wow! This company really values my business.”- Demonstrating that your company values customers’ business starts long before the diagnostic presentation or sales presentation ever begins.  Simply focusing on the customer’s need at hand and not pushing your ‘agenda’ can show that you value their business as well as desire to meet their requests.  By carefully listening to the customer’s needs and then ensuring them that you are trained and capable of resolving their problem can give your customers security and confidence in you and your company.
  3. “I have never received such wonderful service!”- This perspective will most likely come after the customer has experienced all aspects of the call.  From speaking with a CSR, to having a service tech visit, to having a second opinion with a sales tech, and then down to installation and repairs made to their system.  Non-negotiables should be consistent and effective throughout all branches of the company. Achieving this customer perspective on a regular basis is service excellence at its finest!

Laying out company non-neogiables should be of the highest priority to independent contractors.  Customer’s can build a positive view and perspective of a business when excellent service is provided consistently.  Non-negotiables are a means to creating this type of company consistency.  These non-negotiable action steps should be specific, purposeful, and feasible for every call.  At Service Excellence Training we want your company to achieve success in all facets of business.  If you want to build and strengthen your company’s non-negotiables let Service Excellence Training help transform your learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.