The 6 Minute Meeting Booster.  Powerful Training for FREE!

I want to give you free training on the first Monday of every new month.

“How can I really make a change to the largest number of people?”  I struggle with this question all the time as a business owner, and I know you do as well.  How many times have you thought to yourself “How can I get my clients to understand how much I care about them?  If they only know that I was serious about them, then they would be serious about me!”   I’ve been thinking the same thing.

The answer comes back “Make it easy for them to get access to what you have to offer.”  Okay.  That makes sense, but I say to myself “How will I make money?”  Have you ever thought that too?  Here’s the thing, I have to give you something of value, (real value), before you will know how deep I care and how much I love helping people.  So, I’m going to give you 2 things.

First, an Opportunity for Free Training is Yours’.  Once a month you can have SET pump-up your team for free!  This won’t replace your meeting, it will boost the power of your meeting.  It’s a 6 minute, high octane, b-12 shot to the soul!  And the best part is; we WILL NOT try to sell you anything.  I promise!  You will never hear me mention a book of ours, a training seminar or anything of that nature.  This is a gift to you, not a commercial.

Want free training?  Simply create a member account to our webpage, and we will send the meeting booster to you once a month for free!  It’s Motivational Monday Meeting Booster.  You can use the training for your team anytime you want.  Just create an account here, it’s free.  It’s Yours’!  The Friday before every new Monday you will get a link to Motivational Monday Meeting Booster when you have a FREE member account.

Secondly, here’s an Opportunity for You to Grow Your Client Base.  You should try the same thing I’m trying.  You don’t have to give your clients a free training session, but you can give them a free article on how to save money in their homes.  Let technology work for you, and use it as a low cost way to reach a lot of people.  Some of those people will want a tune-up, and some will need a repair.  Some will do nothing with you, but some will pick your company for life.  And that’s why I’m giving you the training for free, with no commercials, because some of you will pick us for life.

Motivational Monday Meeting Booster, 6 Minutes of Inspiration Free, No Commercials.

I hope this message gives you a big smile!

Yours in turning learning into earning!

Todd Liles – ceo

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