Preparation and practice comes along with everything important and worthwhile in life.  The same is true for excellent training that happens inside independent contracting companies.  There must be goals set and mindsets changed before the effects of great training can impact a company team.  In our post today, we are going to explore the preparation and mindset that must be embraced in the ‘before,’ ‘during,’ and ‘after’ stages of a training program:

‘Before’- Preparation for embracing new knowledge and modifications

There must be preparation before training in order to get the most out of the session time.  When managers, techs, CSRs, or dispatchers come into a training class having already prepared themselves to keep an open mind to new information and possible changes within a specific skill set then they will be able to reap the benefits of the excellent and success-driven information.  When individuals come into training time “cold turkey,” having never given the training topic any thought, then they will use much of the time at the beginning of the session to warm-up to the idea of training rather than absorb the vital advice, information, and knowledge.  It takes a prepared and primed team member to embrace the modifications, alterations, or additional steps that training may advise to the tasks that make up their daily work.  Yet when all company team members take up this positive and prepared mindset before their training session then it creates an opportunity for increased team member success and increased company success.

‘During’- Devotion to focus and absorption

When members of a training team embrace and prepare to receive new information then the ‘during’ step becomes easier to accomplish.  Within this step, it is important that team members devote themselves to maintaining their focus during the training session and be sure not to let their minds wonder elsewhere.  Along with maintaining a zeroed-in focus, it is also vital that trainees prepare their minds to become a knowledge sponge that will absorb every ounce of information.  The details and engagement of the ‘during’ stage lies within the trainers’ hands but the attitude and mindset that allows for the training to stick, lies within the hands of each individual HVAC team member.

‘After’- Consistency in implementation

When team members have successfully completed the ‘before’ and the ‘during’ stages of training preparation then they can enter the most important stage with confidence and excitement.  The ‘after’ stage requires both a mindset of devotion to implementation as well as the physical action of implementation.  When successful new skills have been added to a company team member’s script, diagnostic procedure, or sales presentation then it is important that they practice it consistently so that it becomes second-nature when they are using it on the phone or in the field.  Consistency in implementation of training knowledge and skills works to propagate a culture of service excellence inside of an independent contracting company.

Training is important for every service company to embrace whether in the industry of HVAC, plumbing, or electrical.  But in order to make the most of a training class or session it is important for team members to prepare and prime their minds to receive new information before the session, devoted themselves to focusing and absorbing new skills during the training time, as well as work to consistently practice and implement their new skills and knowledge during daily business life.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training