Wow, that’s a lot of pressure isn’t it? We are starting with a statement that hits you right between the eyes. It makes you own your results. Succeed or Fail, it’s up to you. Man that’s a lot of PRESSURE!

Where Does it Start

Your future starts with you. It starts with what you think and what you believe.

Our minds are powerful, and will convince us of just about anything. You have probably heard the saying, “whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you are right”!  What do you believe?

Do you allow your beliefs to be formed by circumstances? Do you allow your Circumstances to have too much control over our your Results? We give everything around us control. We give everything around us power.

What Techs, Plumbers, Electricians, CSR’s, Dispatchers, Sales Consultants give TOO MUCH Power to:

It’s the lead source – The online leads are horrible!

It’s the customer – They ONLY buy on Price!

It’s the part of town – They have no money!

It’s our competition – They sell it cheap! Cut Throat!

What Owners and Mangers give TOO MUCH Power to:

“It’s our vendors” – They charge outrageous prices and their service is killing us.

“It’s our people”  We just cannot find good people. They are not doing what we ask.

“It’s our Market” – It’s just too small. There is too much competition. Too Cut throat.

It’s anything and everything but ME!

Now I know there are times when things are just out of your control and there is nothing you can do about it but react and overcome. As an example, sometimes the client just does not get approved for credit. You have no control over that. Ultimately though you have the power over your future.  One bad call doesn’t dictate the rest of the day, or week. It’s YOUR Future and YOU are in Control!

What are the Obstacles?

I am sorry to tell you this but many times it’s YOU! I know, that hurts your feelings. That’s ok. Sometimes our feelings need to get hurt for us to make change. So what do I mean by “you” being the Obstacle?

Well, what I mean is that your results are just that, a result. A result of your actions. Your actions are a result of something else all together.

So here is the million dollar question. Is your attitude your obstacle?

What about your knowledge? Do you tend to be the person that thinks you “know it” all.

Is your knowledge “trap” keeping you from being coachable and trainable.

If you are not coachable and trainable how are you developing your skills. See, the SKILLS that you learn and master are where the POWER is at.

Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. We have to decide that it’s time to develop. We have to OWN OUR RESULTS!

What’s it Gonna Take?

Success is NOT an accident. It is a result. A result of a clear vision, a precise plan, relentless preparation and execution. Oh and of course you. It’s Your Future!

A Decision – you have to decide that you are willing to take ownership of your results and your Future.

Vision – see where you want to go. What’s the goal? Is it Specific, Detailed, Time Bound?

A Plan – how are you going to get there? What tools and training will you need?

Preparation – good to GREAT isn’t an accident. Practice, Drill, Rehearse.

Execution – Own it. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Execute.

In 2013 a young man in Texas had over 3 Million Dollars in HVAC replacement sales! Yes, one guy! That is not an accident. That is a result of him owning his RESULTS and his FUTURE! Plumbers in the Seattle area will produce 600k-800k per truck in 2014! They own their RESULTS and their FUTURE!


It’s YOUR Future! Take Control! Own it! If you don’t someone else will! Ready, SET, PRESS Play!