I love Halloween.  It may just be my favorite Holiday.  Now, I have gotten plenty of flack for saying that in the past.

You love Halloween more than Christmas?!

Yeah, I think I do.

You love Halloween more than July 4th?!

Yeah, I do.

So, I really love Halloween.  Those other Holidays are great, but they are not Halloween.

I have some very good reasons why Halloween is my favorite Holiday, read on to discover why.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Halloween is My Favorite Holiday

  1. It marks the Fall.  Sure, Fall may technically start in September, but for me it starts with Halloween.  And Fall is my favorite season.
  2. I love candy.  Well, I once loved candy.  I can take it or leave it now.  But Halloween candy as a kid was the absolute best!
  3. It is fun to be scared.  I love the thrill of being on the edge of my seat.  What will happen next?  Whether it is a scary movie, or a great Haunted House, Halloween is a non-stop thrill ride.  Even as a small child I felt the same.  Do you remember the classic Disney cartoon “Dance of the Skeletons?”
  4. It’s cool to pretend.  Now, this is where the unity of Halloween begins.  It is the one time of the year where everyone can pretend and dress-up as their favorite character.  I have seen the toughest cop dress up like his kid’s favorite stuffed animal on Halloween.  That is classic!
  5. People get out and meet their neighbors.  There are a lot of initiatives that attempt to do this, but none are as successful as Halloween.  I guarantee you that this is the 1 night of the year where you will greet your neighbors face-to-face and give them a gift.  Not Christmas, not Easter, only on Halloween.  That is super cool!!!

Why do you love Halloween?