This letter was submitted to SET by Eddie Blanchard.  His Team attended The PRESS PLAY for Techs: Program March of 2012.  The results below the video are 40 days after the class.

40 Days After Class:  May 2, 2012
Service Excellence Training Review
My name is Eddie Blanchard and I am the proud owner and general manager of 72 Degrees Heating and Air Conditioning.  It has been just over a month since five of my technicians and myself traveled to Dallas to attend The Archi-Tech communication training class.  As Terry knows it was not an easy decision for me to make to bring as many guys as we did because we were planning to go when homeowners were just starting to turn on their air conditioners.  I only had at the time 7 technicians and we knew we would be putting a lot of stress on the company to remove 70% of my service department to attend this training class.  I already knew to some degree what to expect because I have attended Terry’s classes before and I knew that we would as a team get far more than the investment we had to make to get out there.  Terry is one of the most dynamic trainers I have ever used in my company.  He has a unique love for help others succeed and he takes complete responsibility in seeing that happen.  
Although I have been in a similar class before, I was floored by the excitement that I was getting from my guys.  A few of my guys have many years in the field and they were amazed at how much they were learning.  The others that had less experience were being fueled with the tools they would need to build an amazing future of being a top HVAC service technician.  I have never before seen more gratitude from my service department after sending them to this class.  My guys and I could have left after the first day and could have returned back with enough ammunition to pay for the trip.  Since our return we have more than double the quality leads that are coming from the service department, we have had a 40% increase in service revenue and 33% increase in maintenance agreement conversions.  We were able to pay for the complete trip in the first 5 days we were back.  My guys are more excited than they have ever been and they are getting better every day.  After being back for three weeks Terry spent over an hour on the phone helping us through some of the challenges we have faced since being back.  Words cannot describe my gratitude for Terry’s investment in seeing my company grow and be successful.  Terry, may God Bless you and Todd for what you are doing.
Even though we are now experiencing our first wave of 90+ degree weather we are planning to send 3 more technicians along with myself to Terry’s upcoming May Class in Charlotte NC.  For anyone that would ever need to speak to me directly please feel free to call my cell 919-708-2036.
Thank You for Everything,

Eddie Blanchard

-Resource curated by Todd Liles of Service Excellence Training.