The importance of outbound “Happy Calls” can be easily overlooked.  However, these CSR calls hold great significance and are a source for gathering useful and unique information.  “Happy Calls” benefit both the independent contracting company as well as the client.  While these calls add a unique personal touch to the service experience, they also work to benefit the service company and the client in these ways:

-Reflection “Happy Calls” allow the customer and the service company to pause and reflect on the service or sale call that has just taken place.  Having this important time to reflect gives the client an opportunity to put thought into the specific and unique areas of service excellence that their service company purposefully performs such as; wearing floor protection, parking the service vehicle on the street, or giving the customer the “agenda” before the presentation process begins.  This reflection time also allows for the CSR to document areas that may need improvement or attention as well as the areas that are successful.  Taking a moment to pause and retrace the steps of a call is a great way for both the service company and the client to have a vocal say in highlighting areas of matchless excellence, areas in need of development as well as mutually build a stronger and more positive relationship.

-Reciprocal Regulation- Along with providing a moment of purposeful reflection, “Happy Calls” also provide a means for the client to exercise control and involvement in the investment they have made and in the service that they receive; while also giving the service company a means to regulate customer satisfaction.  Clients want to feel that their investment is important to their service company and that the service they received throughout the service call was purposeful and of the highest quality.  Allowing customers to share their thoughts and opinions with a company representative allows them to feel important to the company.  “Happy Calls” also allow the service company to have a sense of control and regulation by directing customer service questions in a positive and purposeful manner as well as pinpointing unique areas of service excellence that are performed on every call.  Outbound “Happy Calls” are also a means for a service company to be positively remembered and they are a great way to end a service or sale call on the right foot.

-Resolution and Reinforcement- “Happy Calls” are also a constructive way to address, mend, and resolve any issues or problems that a client may have.  By providing a means for a customer to layout their concern before they become a bigger issue is effective conflict resolution that also grows a customer’s respect and trust in the service company.  If a client knows that their service company cares enough to go out of the way to see if there are any concerns that need to be addressed then it greatly reinforces service excellence and customer satisfaction.  “Happy Calls” are an effective means to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, which is great for building rapport and retaining a strong client base.

It’s amazing how small acts of service excellence accumulate to grow a company’s success.  “Happy Calls” are one of those essential parts that ultimately help to build excellence.  S.E.T. has great resources for CSRs including popular lessons on the importance of the “Happy Call.”  We would love to work with your service company’s CSRs and your entire team to grow and develop fundamental service excellence skills.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.