Ready, SET, PRESS Play on this tremendous opportunity. 

It is go time! We are officially searching for 1-2 Full Time Success Coaches/Trainers. Looking for Superstars willing to shoot for the stars!

About SET

Mission StatementSET gives POWER and HOPE through training that is results-focused, proven and ethical.The end result is a better life for the business owners, the employees, the clients, and the families of all.The goal is to help our clients succeed in the marketplace.


  • Results Focused
  • Proven Systems
  • Proven Leadership
  • World Class Team
  • Aggressive Compensation Plans
  • GREAT Work Life Balance

The SET Opportunity

  • Leads Leads Leads- I achieved my 1st years Goals in just over 5 months and you can too. 
  • Power in the Numbers- We do not expect you to support 30-40+ clients. You will work with 10-12 Monthly Coaching Clients digging deep into their unique Business needs and Training needs.
  • Training Opportunities– Sales Training, Technician Training, Management Training, Leadership Training
  • Six Figure Income- Realistic in 1st year!
  • Benefits Available 

Wanting to find out more about this tremendous opportunity. Ready, SET, PRESS Play and call or email today!

Thomas Dougherty

Success Coach/Trainer

[email protected]