I often use movie clips and references in my Sales Training sessions.  A movie clip can draw you into the scene, and quickly communicate a message.  One of my favorite Sales Movies is Disney’s Finding Nemo.

Oh, you didn’t know that was a movie about sales?  Allow me to create clarity with this post, the 7 Sales Lessons of Dori.

The 7 Sales Lessons of Dori – Just Keep Swimming

Pearl of Wisdom: “When life gets you down, do you know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming!”

#1 – Face Your Fears

Don’t be intimidated by what seems to be the impossible.  Fear is a very good liar.  Fear screams into your ear, “Don’t go there!”  However, fear only wants what belongs to you, which is your future.  Every person in a selling situation must face his / her fear.  It is natural to be intimated by one of the Principles of PRESS PLAY.  It is the person that overcomes fear that wins!  RELATED – Overcoming the Guilt and Shame of Selling

#2 – Adopt a don’t quit attitude.

Don’t give up before you even start. You must do the work.

#3 – Suffer from Short Term Memory Loss.

Dwelling on the past serves no one. When you get a bad call, let it go. There are other opportunities around the corner.

#4 – See the Best in Other People.

The most successful and happiest people learn to see the best in other people. When you adopt this mentality, you develop a richer and stronger empathy.  This allows you to build deep relationships!  RELATED – How to Build Profitable Relationships

#5 – Ask for Directions.

Handling objections is as much about discovering the direction you need to go, as it is doing the work.  Asking the client for directions in handling objections is a critical sales skill.  RELATED – How to Overcome the “I want to think about it” sales objection

# 6 – Learn your Client’s Language.

Your clients speak a certain language. The best way to communicate with them is to learn to speak “whale.”  Speaking “whale” means to use the client’s language.  They are not technicians, so don’t communicate with them like they know all the jargon of your trade.  Break it down, and Keep it Super Simple.

#7 – Find Team Members to Work that Will Help You.

A team member can keep you motivated, give you new perspective, and challenge you to grow.

Years back I had a very unique experience with Sales Lesson #7.  I was in California working with Kevin Comerford’s Service Champions.  After a day of ride-alongs, I was invited to a private training session at a local Starbucks by one of his hvac technicians.

The unofficial meeting was set for 7, so I showed up at 6:45.  The hvac tech that asked me to the meeting was already there with 2 other hvac techs.  I got my coffee, sat at the table, and tuned into the conversation.

They were roleplaying!  For the next 45 minutes; I watched as Mark, Bryan, and Chris covered the details of their previous day.  They discussed scenarios, and role-played different approaches.  It was one of the best training sessions I have ever been a part of, and it was completely self guided.  After the unofficial meeting, we went to the official meeting.   RELATED – Classroom Training for Techs, Sales, and Managers