Steve’s Plumbing has been a model client.  They have achieved a 89% growth rate since 2011.  Steve is kind enough to share with us his thoughts on how Service Excellence Training has assisted in their amazing growth.  CLICK HERE for PDF Download of Infographic

Steve, tell us a about your business.

Rachel and I have operated Steve’s Plumbing, LLC, since 1995.  This is our 20th year in business.  We’ve been on a steady growth track since 2006.  Last year’s gross revenue was 2.67 Million, with 4 full-time technicians.  

We currently have 5 licensed techs, one apprentice, and two CSR’s, in addition to Rachel and myself.  Our team’s average ticket is always over $1000,  Our team’s closing rate is 86%.

How many years have you been training your people?

We’ve been training since 2006, but other training systems lacked in consistency, relevance, and/or creativity.  Through Todd Liles’ SET training, we’ve overcome all of those issues, and we have been conducting weekly training sessions since 2012.  RELATED – Online Training.

Why did you choose to use the PRESS PLAY Training System over other systems?

Our techs have employed the PRESS PLAY system since the beginning of their training.  They appreciate its simplicity, and that it reminds them to cover each vital element of a sale during every call.  As an owner, I appreciate that PRESS PLAY emphasizes the relationship between us and our clients, as it encourages our men to build rapport and value with every encounter. RELATED – PRESS PLAY Training Series for Techs.

How have you incorporated the Principles found in PRESS PLAY?

This training is now a part of our company culture.  When successful calls are broken down and analyzed, we can see a direct correlation between the time spent earning our client’s trust, building value (essential points of the PRESS PLAY system) and the size of their ticket.  

Will your plumbers attend more PRESS PLAY Training Programs this year?

Three of our five technicians have been through SET’s PRESS PLAY training.  Two more will attend the next scheduled training, and I plan to attend the manager’s program.  It is our company goal to send each of our technicians away for training at least once each year.  Our men always return emotionally pumped, ready for action, and without fail their sales numbers increase.  Because of this, we’ve never viewed training as an expense, but as an investment with a positive return.

Anything else you want to mention?

Additionally, our program includes an hour each week where Rachel and I counsel directly with Todd.  These hours have proven invaluable over time, as we implement new systems in the field and office, discuss hiring options and employee profiles, and project future growth.  We consider Todd a friend, a confidant, and a partner in the future growth of Steve’s Plumbing.  RELATED – Business Consulting.