A few simple words. A great deal of wisdom.

From these words, millions have drawn…

Strength. Comfort. Knowledge. Confidence.

And not surprisingly, these words represent attributes that many successful contractors have in common. But most of them did not achieve success alone.

They drew on the strength of others in building success in their business… but how can you tell the difference between those “others” who can really help you and those who are just out to help you spend your money?



Hello, my name is Terry Barrett. I am a contractor who has been in the home services business for over 14 years. I am a trainer. I am a Christian with a strong work ethic who lives to help others reach success. I have a wonderful wife of 17 years and seven incredible children. I manage an independent contracting company that has gone from $600,000 to $3.5 million a year.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself to you and share my motivations… which are to help you succeed in the right way, with no unrealistic promises, but with only genuine, heartfelt help and guidance to give you the “strength to do all things”.

It is my goal to help you do the following:

  1. Retain technicians… it is shown that companies that invest in their technicians reduce turnover rates by providing rewarding and satisfying places to work
  2. Retain and strengthen customer relationships so they will rave about your independent contracting company while continuing to do business with you again and again
  3. Increase leads from your technicians
  4. Build sales from the existing calls you already receive

I would like to personally invite you and your technicians to attend a very special seminar that will accomplish all of the above and help you design and build the independent contracting company you want and deserve. You may find more information at or we will mail it to you (along with a special offer) if you call us at 512-333-4133.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions about the program. I hope to see you there.

Yours in achieving more,

Terry Barrett

Trainer. Contracting Business Manager.

General Manager, AirNow HVAC

P.S. How do some business owners scale their businesses to the next level of success while others continue to struggle?

The answers may surprise you! Call us to find out at 512-333-4133 and ask for Stacy. 

-Resource curated by Todd Liles and Terry Barrett of Service Excellence Training.