What really makes clients want to do business and continue doing business with a particular service company? If the customer continues to be a loyal client for life, it always relates back to quality.  Independent contractors in the industries of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical that offer the highest standards of quality and service must have several main areas of emphasis and attention within their company to achieve this success.  These great service companies must maintain a clear focus and perspective of three main areas in their company. Each of the items below go hand-in-hand to build a service company that is focused and centered on superb quality:

-Service Excellence– Maintaining a constant high regard for service excellence and customer service must be the main focus for all service companies striving for first-rate quality.  A service company’s value of service excellence is the first aspect of the business that a customer will see.  They will ask themselves subconsciously, “does this company care about my needs and do they desire and respect my business?” An independent contracting company that goes out of their way to build a relationship with clients and whose team members truly desire to meet their customers’ needs will excel as a high quality service company not only because of their company products but also because of the company’s matchless team.

-Team training and follow-up– In order to attain great company members, a service company must see the true value of training their team and following up on the areas of training.  Providing a safe and effective environment for learning is vital to the health of a business and that is exactly what a training session should provide.  It should be an environment where questions are welcomed and learning is encouraged.  Along with providing this type of atmosphere, there should be open lines of communication between management and the company team so when questions arise in regards to training topics, they can be answered and resolved effectively. When a company provides their team with training it allows each member to feel confident, capable, and prepared for their job; which in return, produces high quality service, results, and growth.

-Systems and Processes– Proper team training will also cover the vital aspects of systems and processes within an independent contracting company.  It is important that service companies effectually carry out all areas of their company systems and procedures from investment options and diagnostic forms to paperwork and proper filing.  When a company sees the value of maintaining a high quality system for organization and procedures then business will run more smoothly, professionalism will increase, and miscommunication will decrease.

Initially, consumers may choose service companies for many reasons but in the end they will decide to reinvest and stay with a service company because of their focus on quality and service.  Providing high quality service excellence, team training and follow-up, as well as systems and processes will result in a company that has more sales, additional leads, greater referral rates, high client retention, high employee retention, and positive community rapport.  It is important for every independent contractor to revisit these three highlighted areas of their business.  So take some time this season to revaluate these areas and see if they match your goals for a high quality service company.  Service Excellence Training has great training materials and resources for each of these vital areas of business so let us walk with you and encourage your company through the evaluation process.  Thank you for following Service Excellence Training weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training we strive to turn your learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.