Setting leads is an important aspect of the sales and service process inside independent contracting companies in the industries of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  It is vital that a company team be trained so they can fully understand how to effectively guide a presentation in order to reveal all possible options and give a potential client a greater reason and stronger desire to invest in their independent contracting company.  But when it comes to successful lead setting, it all lies in perfecting the effectiveness and professionalism of each progressing stage of the service process:

Representation of the Company and the Individual:

The first important step in the lead-setting process is positive and professional representation of both the independent contracting company and the individual working for that company.  A prospective client is first drawn to a service company because of the company’s reputation, receiving a referral, or discovering the company through some type of marketing effort.  So you should strive to make the first impression that your company exudes one of professionalism, respect, success, and care.  Along with this first impression of the company comes the representation of all team members inside the company.  Everyone inside a service company whether a CSR, manager, or technician, should represent his or herself and the company positively.  This positive representation is so important because customers invest in people first and products second!

Presentation before and after the Diagnostic:

The next important step in the lead progression process is presentation.  After your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company has been positively represented and the potential client has called a technician out to their home, it is then time for the technician to build his thorough presentation beginning with the explanation of the diagnostic process.  It is important that a technician first explain what he will be examining as well as get the client’s signed approval before he begins.  The next step is conducting a thorough diagnostic on the entire system or product being sure to explore any potential hazards or areas of concern.  After a complete diagnostic has been conducted then it is time to review with the client, in-detail, what has been found.  This step in lead-generation takes careful and skillful investigation as well as tact while explaining the results to the potential client.  When a technician does an outstanding job during the diagnostic process then he is further proving his expertise and his company’s service excellence.

Explanation of the Investment Options:

After completing the thorough diagnostic, then it is time for the explanation of the investment options.  This step takes communication skills, thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of the system or product, and a thorough understanding of the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company’s investment options.  When a client could choose either a service option or a replacement option, it is always best to present a cost comparison analysis to the client so they can literally see the different “pluses and minuses” of each option.  A cost comparison calculation can give the client a means to see how they may benefit in the short run and the long run depending upon the option they select.  Providing clients with this analytical comparison allows them to feel in control of their investment as well as have confidence in their selection.

Growing leads inside an independent contracting company is all about implementing professionalism and service excellence throughout the progression of a client call.  When all members of a company team work to perfect their personal and company representation, improve their presentation skills, as well as grow their ability to explain investment options then this service company is on the way to increasing their success in lead-generation. Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.