Do you know how to motivate your independent contracting team?  They are motivate the same way your children are motivated.

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Made to Crave:  My daughter Willa loves to be the center of attention.  As parents, we are working on the basic principles of raising our daughter understanding that we are all made to crave the 5 following psychological needs:

Attention:  Your people want your attention.  They want it even at the cost of acting in a way that is not pleasing to you.  The solution is to spotlight only what you want your people to repeat.
Affection:  I loved being a young tech in a company where the management team wasn’t afraid to pat you on the shoulder and say “Nice work.”  As a husband, father, and trainer, I give hugs.  Don’t lose the power of appropriate human touch.
Acceptance:  Your people want to feel valued for who they are, their self worth.  Man was created in the image of God, and because of this, we honor God when we honor all men.
Approval:  Your people want be empowered with your approval for their actions.
Appreciation:  To be recognized for particular achievements.

To Motivate Your People, Recognize their Need to Be Noticed!  Dave Ramsey has a great quote in his book Entreleadership “The first rule of recognition is to simply bother to do it” pg241.  Here are some great ways to recognize your team:

Spotlight:  Spotlight the person who did something well.  You can make them the highlight of your company newsletter, Facebook page, or company meeting.  Spotlight the employee in front of someone he loves to make it really, really powerful.
Compliment:  A genuine compliment is a very powerful thing.  When it comes from the heart, it can make a person float.  When it’s fake, it will make a person sick.
Put it in Writing:  A handwritten notes should be written in literal Gold.  They are that valuable.  It is not uncommon for a person to hold on to a handwritten note that recognizes them until the day they die.  Many times they will even frame the note for everyone to see.

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