Todd Liles on Learning to be a Successful Salesman from a 8 year old kid:

Growing as a successful salesman requires a passion for sales, clients, and your independent contracting company.  But the interesting aspect about a successful salesman is that that don’t all come in the sales shape and size (or even the age).  Take a few moments to explore the fun experience that I had with an 8 year old kid in my neighborhood that is and will become a very successful salesman because of his devotion to value, knowing how to prospect, and tailoring a presentation to appeal to his audience.  Use these steps inside your independent contracting company and see how successful you and your independent contracting company team will become!

We have new neighbors that moved in next door this week.  This morning I saw their 8 year old kid while I was mowing.  He had a Play Station game in his hand.

Todd Liles: “Hey kid.  What do you have in your hand?”

Kid: “It’s Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare.”  (Don’t judge, I’m sure he plays it in kid mode.)

Todd Liles: “That’s a cool game.  Why do you have it outside?”

Kid: “I’m going to try and make some new friends.  Do you know where any kids my age live?”

Todd Liles: “Yes.  There are some twins that live at the end of the street.  I don’t know if they play video games, they’re girls.  But, they are always outside playing and riding their scooters.”

Kid: “Thanks.  I’ll ask my mom if I can go to the end of the street.”

About a minute later, the 8 year old kid comes zooming out of his garage.  He didn’t have Call of Duty in his hands, but he was riding his scooter.  He had a big smile, and you could tell this kid was excited about meeting some new friends.

Service Excellence Training learns a sales lesson from an 8 year old kid

That 8 Year Old Kid is going to be a GREAT and successful salesman!  As a matter of fact, he just “Schooled Yo’ Butt in Sales!”  Let’s break down the things this 8 year old kid did well:

Step One:  Have Something of Value
Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare is a hot game right now!  Any boy with a game console wants to play that game.  He was sure to get some serious interest from potential friends and possibly successfully make some new friends.  “He’s the kid with the good games!  Let’s go play.”

Step Two:  Don’t be Scared to Prospect
This kid cut to the point during in order to prospect in a successful manner, “I’m going to try and make some new friends.  Do you know where any kids my age live?”  Oh man, if a salesman in an independent contracting company would just prospect half as good as this successful kid did, that salesman and his independent contracting company would never run out of leads.

Step Three:  Change Your Presentation
Once I told the 8 year old kid the twins rode scooters, he changes his presentation.  The kid thought to himself, “Girls that ride scooters would want to play with a boy that rides a scooter.  I’ll start there with my new friend presentation.  Make some friends, and then ask them where the ‘gamers’ in the neighborhood live.” If a salesman inside an independent contracting company changed and tailored his presentation to fit his audience as comfortably and flawlessly as this 8 year old kid then closing would flow just as smoothly.

Step Four:  Believe You’ve Won Before You’ve Begun
That 8 year old kid left on his scooter totally pumped.  Zero Fear.  “I’m making friends successfully today!  If the girls don’t want to play, then they will know someone who does want to play.” Start back over and prospect more! Sales is a continual cycle whether in life (like this 8 year old kid) or in an independent contracting company, we should never stop but always start back over with a successful mindset.

If your independent contracting company team would go out and tackle your week like this successful 8 year old kid tackles his weekend, your independent contracting company team is going to be an unstoppable and successful salesman force.  Just like this 8 year old kid, work to grow your independent contracting company value and be more successful as you prospect and prepare your presentation!

-Resource curated by Todd Liles of Service Excellence Training