Developing a leadership program in your organization is a lot of work. It is also very rewarding. Many of your team members are motivated by the goal of one day sitting in a manager or leadership position. However, how many of them have the skill sets already in place to jump into a manager role today?

How about your current management team?

  • Are you frustrated with the performance of a manager in your organization?
  • Are you proud of the way your managers communicate with your team members?
  • Are they able to recruit new members to the team effectively?
  • Are they consistently meeting or exceeding their goals?

You are not alone with the frustrations in managing managers. The fault may not actually lie with you or with the manager. Often times the root of the problem is a lack of training. There are several pitfalls new or experienced managers can stumble on.

Terry Barrett is dropping some serious truth bombs in a new short video detailing the importance of training managers.

Terry highlights the importance of creating managers. Often, we get caught in the false thinking that managers are born or develop themselves. As owners, it is our responsibility to shape and mold our team to become the managers we need.

Check out what Terry has to say about building managers.

As owners, the buck stops with us. We know we are accountable for the success or failure of our team. What better way to set up your team for success than getting your managers in top form for 2018.

Here are three key things that your team will take away from the Managers Series:

  • Avoiding the traps of managing
  • Recruitment
  • Accountability

Managers are not born they are developed. The Service Excellence Training Managers Series was developed to help take your team members to the next level.

This course is taught by Terry Barrett and Chris Loudermilk. Give us your team member for two days and we will send back a manager with the mindset to win, and the skillset to lead.

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