When was the last time you received a hand-written note? How did it make you feel?

I know when someone takes the time to send me a hand-written letter or card it makes me feel good.

How about when your clients send in a hand-written thank you note? Are those ones more powerful than a phone call to say thank you right?

Well if we know that we appreciate people taking the time to write a letter or card, why do we not reciprocate more frequently?

I know it takes time, and we are all very busy. But that makes the hand-written notes even more powerful.

Here are three times when you should be sending hand-written cards to your clients.

1) After a replacement job or a big-ticket item.

After a client invests in your company, a hand-written thank you from the owner will go a long way to personalize the service. It will also make the homeowner feel like a valuable client and not just a dollar sign.

2) When you become aware of a major life event.

I was always surprised as a CSR, how frequently clients would tell us about their life events. They would tell us about the good and the bad. Sympathy cards and congratulations will go a long way to building a lasting relationship with your clients. Technicians or CSRs can both become aware of times that would be appropriate to send a hand-written card or note.

3) When there was a problem, and you made it right.

We all dread customer complaints. They are never fun, but when we have an opportunity to make it right and retain the client then that is a win. Sending a follow-up personalized hand-written note will go a long way to building lasting loyalty. Especially after a complaint.

So, while making a phone call or sending an e-mail can express that same words. They will never be as powerful as a hand-written letter. I encourage you to look for opportunities to reach out to your clients with a more personal touch. It will help to boost customers satisfaction and lead to client loyalty.