At times, we all need to take a step back and evaluate are life goals from a broader perspective.  We must evaluate our reasoning for doing what we do in both the independent contracting world and personal life.  When we make the conscious effort to reassess and remember the beginning stage then we can adjust our course if needed as well as revamp our drive and motivation.  Our post today is going to jump into the three vital components of growth and development that, when effectively combined, help us transform our life goals and plans for our HVAC independent contracting companies into something that is truly excellent:


Before we can embark on the adventure of achieving our life goals, we must first realize that we have purpose.  When we realize that we are created with a unique purpose then we can hewn in on giving our dreams purpose.  Because everyone has a different purpose in life, everyone’s dreams will be planned with different dedications.  For example, a young girl may feel that her life purpose is to help children grow and learn so she then gives her dream purpose through planning to become an educator.  When we first know we have an individual and unique purpose then we can bring our passions, dreams, and goals to life by creating purposeful plans and objectives.


After we determine that we are going to ‘live on purpose’ and ‘plan on purpose’ then we can also streamline our passions in order to create even more excellence plans.  Passion and drive originates from our unique and individual purpose.  Our passion is what propels us forward to preserver on toward success even when we occasionally face rejection, disappointment, or failure.  Our passion is what gives us that extra push to wake up bright and early to start a new objective related to our goal or gives us that extra spurt of energy to “burn the midnight oil” and finish an important task.  When we mix our individual purpose and our purposeful beginning plans with our unique and vibrant passion then we are generating a recipe for a bright future of accomplishment.


When we blend our purpose, plans, and passion together then we are ready to pursue our ultimate goals through accomplishing one step at a time.  The stage of pursuit is action-oriented.  It is the stage where we get our names out there and begin chipping away at our purposeful plans.  When we reach this stage in our career goals or life goals then we must be ready to “roll with the punches” and be flexible because we may not always land the job, the leadership position, or achieve a goal exactly as we had planned.  However, this does not equate to failure but in the process we may discover our love for a specific area that is a little different than our original plan or these events may work as a springboard that propels us forward to our ultimate goal through experience or connections.

When we reevaluate our life goals, business goals, or career decisions then it is important that we bring it back to the three key points that we hit on today: purpose, passion, and pursuit.  If we effectively mix these three components together then we are creating a recipe for success, accomplishment, and achievement.  It is important for independent contractors to take time to pause and reflect on the path that led them to where they are in order to increase motivation and discover areas that may need to be focused on or altered.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

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