When it comes to the relationship between the ideas of retention and independent contracting companies, the first thought that comes to mind may be the retention of loyal clients.  However, it cannot be overlooked that retaining loyal, trustworthy, and experienced coworkers and team members plays a major role in building a strong company from the inside out.  Retaining strong team members works to successfully build a service company, it also helps form a stronger and more knowledgeable company team, as well as provides clients with expert knowledge and skill.  Today, we will explore the major benefits of retaining outstanding team members:

-Strong Expertise-

When your company consistently looks to recruit the best team members and works to retain strong team players then your company will be overflowing with expertise and excellence.  Bringing great people onto the team doesn’t mean that it won’t include some younger team members that may not be as experienced or seasoned in the industry.  However, the important aspect of recruiting is hiring team members that have a positive attitude and a success-driven mindset.  When your company works to retain technicians, CSRs, dispatchers, and managers that develop a strong skill and expertise in the industry then you are are working to sustain strong company growth from the inside as well as propagate future leaders and mentors for new, incoming team members.  The retention of coworkers and team members that are growth-oriented, leadership-driven, and mentor-minded works to spread skill, knowledge, confidence, and expertise throughout your entire company as it grows and develops.

-Great Reputation Building-

When you retain and recruit skilled and knowledgeable team members it will also lead to great reputation building amongst your industry as well as amongst your market.  Team members that possess great skill and knowledge as well as value success will mostly likely value strong service excellence.  Service excellence should exude from every “nook and cranny” of your company from the initial client conversation with a CSR, to the technician visit, to the installation or service process, all the way to the “happy call” at the end of the client’s experience.  When a company follows through with excellence throughout every aspect of a client’s call and they show that their company consistently provides thorough service to their clients, then they will find that they retain happy and loyal clients.  A company’s thoroughly satisfied clients can become effective and free marketing because they will have a natural inclination to share with others in their family or community about the excellent treatment and service they receive from your company team.  This positive word-of-mouth marketing can work to generate prospective clients and grow the reach of your company’s mission and message.

-Skillful Idea Generation-

etaining a great company team builds a company’s expertise and reputation but it also brings great ideas into the service company.  Skillful idea generation occurs because success-driven and knowledgeable team members bring new, fresh, and feasible ideas, viewpoints, and concepts to the table.  When new ideas can be generated and presented by team members then a company team can feel a connection and commitment to the ideas and to the implementation process.  Great employees that are skilled and familiar with the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical industry will be more perceptive to what works inside their specific trade and they will be driven to come up with fresh ideas based on proven tactics, skills, and amazing service.  When you retain smart and strong employees you can be assured that they won’t be “taking a shot in the dark” but rather they will be sensitive to presenting ideas that are unique yet still feasible for their industry and market.

An independent contracting company is only as strong as the leadership and teamwork that happens behind the scenes.  Thus it is so important for service companies in every industry whether HVAC, plumbing, or electrical to retain a strong company team.  Retaining coworkers that consistently provide amazing service excellence helps to build a company’s overall expertise, strengthen and grow a positive company reputation, as well as cultivate a company’s compilation of useful and unique industry ideas.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.