Eddie Blanchard answered the pressing question,

“Every minute of this class will contribute to the success of the company.”

submitted in class – May 23, 2012

Eddie Blanchard is an owner of an HVAC Independent Contracting Company called 72 Degrees Heating & Air located in Sanford, NC.  Eddie  was kind enough to provide the Service Excellence Training team with the wonderful video testimonial from above about his experience as an owner at the Service Excellence Training’s classroom training event.  All great independent contracting company owners, just like Eddie Blanchard, have to ask themselves if it is worth losing some of their technicians in the field  to send them to a training class.  But this is how Eddie Blanchard answered that pressing question, “Every minute of this class will contribute to the success of the company.”

Here at Service Excellence Training, we love hearing our independent contractors get excited about the future success of their technicians, CSRs, dispatchers, and their independent contracting company.  We hope all of our independent contractors respond to the training series like Eddie Blanchard did, “I have been in one of the best classes I could hope to be in to help my company.  My service technicians that I brought here with me have not stopped thanking me since we got here.”  When technicians and company owners get excited and passionate about their training and see how their training will positively effect them in the field then we get excited about the success and growth that is sure to be seen inside that independent contracting company.

The entire Service Excellence Training team looks forward to you bringing your team of technicians, CSRs, and dispatchers to our next training class and enjoy the training as much as Eddie Blanchard and his team did.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we love seeing our independent contractors turn their learning into earning!