Our 21 Best Pieces Of Content For Home Service Business Owners

By Service Excellence Training Our 21 Best Pieces Of Content For Home Service Business Owners
21 pieces of content

When it comes to home service businesses, there are so many things to write about. From handling sales objections to ethics discussions and business management, Service Excellence Training has tried to write about it all. As we usher in the new year, here are our 21 best pieces of content for 2021:

1. How to Win the “I need to talk to my spouse” Sales Objection

Working around sales objections is an essential skill for home business technicians to learn. A popular objection that techs hear is, “I need to talk to my spouse.” Working around this objection takes skill and a deeper understanding of why it’s being made. This top-performing article breaks down two reasons for the “I need to talk to my spouse” objection and discusses how to proceed with the sale by deciphering the next best course of action.

2. The True Cost of Running an HVAC Business

The owners of home service businesses are getting rich, right? That’s the consensus among many technicians. However, most people don’t know just where a home service business’ revenue goes. Let’s break it down — you may be surprised at how much home service business owners really get from their company.

3. How Praying Can Boost Your Sales Performance

One of the first rules of sales is to leave religion out of the conversation at all times when making a pitch. However, prayer is a staple in the daily lives of many people, and it’s not uncommon for potential customers to ask for time to pray on their decision to work with you. If this happens, religion becomes a topic of conversation between you and a client or they ask you to pray with them, what should you do? Does prayer offer the opportunity to get better sales results? Whether you’re religious or not, take a look at this blog to see how prayer can boost your performance.

3 powerful uses of prayer in the sales process

4. The 6 Service Fee Types

Service fees are an essential part of charging customers for home services because they account for the time and work put into diagnostic checks. There are six common types of service fees that a home service provider might charge, and combining several is popular. To help you decide on the right service fees for your business, this blog breaks down what each type of service fee means and when to use it.

six types of service fees

5. 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Side Jobs

Taking side jobs sounds like easy money for service technicians and plumbers, but they’re much more trouble than they’re worth. Not only do they eventually cause an enormous amount of personal stress, but they can also cost techs their jobs and ruin their reputation in the industry. Take a look at this sarcastic blog for a good laugh and some great advice.

3 reasons why you should do side jobs

6. Using the “I need to get 3 bids” Objection to Your Advantage

Sales objections are a common obstacle for home service technicians, but they’re easy to work around once you learn how to. The “I need to get three bids” objection is actually an ideal opportunity to close clients because it offers the opportunity to build value in your sales pitch. Understanding how to use this objection to your advantage is a must-have skill for every technician.


7. 11 Things to Know About Commission Based Pay for Service Techs

Commission-based pay has a mixed reputation in the home services industry, and negative misconceptions about this type of pay are common among service technicians and their companies are common. However, commission, or performance pay, has many benefits for both techs and the companies they work for. This blog sets the record straight by explaining exactly why performance pay is a win-win for your company and the techs that work for you.

11 Things to know about commission based pay for service techs

8. Overcoming the “I can’t afford that!” Sales Objection

If you’re wondering why there’s so much content about sales objections on this page, we have the answer: understanding them is really important. While the “I can’t afford that” objection sounds completely reasonable, taking steps to ensure that the client understands the value of their services and the available financing options can help service techs calm the financial concerns of the client and close the deal.

Overcoming the I can't afford it sales objection

9. The Surprising and Unexpected Benefits of Not Cursing

Cursing is a normal part of most people’s daily vocabulary, and it’s commonly used to deal with stress and frustration. While this is a perfectly acceptable use for many, there may be a hidden value in not cursing. In this lesson on discipline and stress relief, Todd Liles recounts some surprising benefits of his resolution to stop cursing that helped achieve other goals as well.

The Surprising and Unexpected Benefits of Not Cursing

10. 5 Reasons Why Steady Eddie Wins at Work

Everyone who has worked on a team has also worked with the superstar, the person who hustles to be a top producer. However, top producers with a big ego are a hassle to work with, sometimes putting others down to stay on top. Here are five tips from Steady Eddie to keep in mind as a service technician, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already at the top.

You don't have to be a jerk to be a superstar

11. How to Overcome the Guilt and Shame of Selling

Selling a service at the retail price can sometimes cause shame in service technicians who, for a variety of reasons, feel guilty for charging customers the price of their service. Whether this is rooted in the belief that their services aren’t worth their fees or some other factor, addressing this guilt and shame is an essential part of improving the technician’s service and sales ability. Use this blog to understand why techs feel guilt about their sales and how to overcome that feeling.

How to Overcome the Shame of Selling

12. The Dangers of Confusing Opinion With Fact

In any aspect of life, opinions can get in the way of communication because they have no factual information attached. In the home service industry, confusing facts and opinions can lead to lower productivity, poor communication and relationship strain. This blog takes a moment to analyze how opinions and facts come into play in your business.

The dangers of confusing opinion with fact

13. Maintaining the Ethics of Commission-Based Service Techs

Commission-based pay has a bad reputation in the home service industry, and while that reputation isn’t always correct, it’s not unwarranted, either. To keep your commission-based pay structure safe from the ethical and productive perils of performance pay, you must take steps that make it a desirable method. Let’s break down how to do this in a step-by-step guide about the ethics of commission-based pay.

Is commission evil?

14. How to Convert More Leads by Asking the Right Questions

Asking questions effectively throughout a service call is a key component of ensuring customer satisfaction and closing the sale. Not only can they help the technician get a better understanding of the problem, but they also check in with the client to make sure both parties are on the same page. Once it’s time to recommend a solution, the right question can close the sale. Learn more about effective communication through questions by reading the article.

sales representatives

15. Killing the Service Tech

Like all companies, HVAC, plumbing and electric companies are only as successful as their service technicians. However, many companies make the mistake of killing their technicians’ performances with mental and physical exhaustion. A skilled, professional tech will serve you well for a long time, but only if you take care of them properly. Take a look at some of these policies that kill techs.

Killing the service tech

16. How to Eliminate the “You’re too expensive” Sales Objection

Although this sales objection sounds a lot like “I can’t afford that,” a potential customer telling you that your prices are too high for the value of your service hits a little closer to home. Because professional technicians believe in the services they provide, this is a difficult objection to hear. With the proper tools, however, any technician can overcome this objection and close the sale with ease.

Eliminating the "You're too expensive" sales objection

17. The 5 Leadership Lessons of Jon Snow

Although Jon Snow is a fictional character, there can be no doubt that he’s also a great leader who makes decisions that can be applied to the real world — even home service businesses. Any person looking to improve as a leader would be wise to take advice from the King in the North’s actions and reflect upon their own leadership skills. It may not seem like fighting for a kingdom doesn’t compare to leadership positions in a home service business, but you might be pleasantly surprised to find that they do.


18. 6 Keys to Low-Pressure Selling

Low-pressure selling is an interesting concept in the world of sales, especially because experts must put at least some pressure on the customer to ensure they make the best decision for themselves. This being said, there are several things you can do as a technician to reduce the pressure of investing in service for potential customers. With these six tips for a low-pressure sale, your clients will be more than willing to close the deal with you.

6 keys to low pressure selling

19. Webinar: The Payroll Protection Program Part 1

Being “in the know” is crucial when it comes to programs that can help save your business money. Plenty of programs exist (if you know how to find them) that can help supplement your business when you need it. For example, the Payroll Protection Program helps small businesses such as home service businesses cover the cost of running your business and ensures pay for your employees. Find out more by watching the video.

webinar thumbnail

20. TECHS – How to Make $80K to $100K Per Year

It’s no secret that being a home service technician isn’t the most lucrative line of work, but it can certainly pay well. Technical and communication skills, as well as supportive management and other factors, are an important part of creating the right recipe for success. While it can take time to build up your salary as a technician, looking for these five ingredients at your job is sure to boost your career and your salary. 

21. 8 Warning Signs a Tech is About to Quit

Losing a valued employee unexpectedly is always inconvenient and disruptive, and it can leave management wondering what happened. Trouble at home, financial disputes and more could all indicate that an employee will soon quit. Whether the reasoning for quitting stems from a tech’s personal or work life, you can learn to see it coming by understanding these warning signs.

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