keyGrowing sales and leads inside of an independent contracting company, revolves around an HVAC Independent contracting team’s ability to ask great questions when working with their clients.  When effective qualify skills are utilized during technician -client interaction with prospective clients, then it allows technicians and CSRs to successfully meet needs and uncover wants.  In our post today, we are going to focus on three types of question skills that work to bring the best results and best close from sales and leads opportunities in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical independent contracting companies:

-Discovery Questions-

When initially working to uncover a client’s direct needs, an HVAC technician, CSR, or manager should utilize discovery questions.  Discovery questions should be heavily open-ended such as; “what kind of problems are you experiencing?” or “how long has this concern gone on?”  These open-ended questions can be cleared up and clarified with shorter closed questions such as; “so your system has not been cooling?”  Using the combination of these types of discovery questions can work to make initial client-company interaction effective and efficient as well as begin to point the company team member in the direction that will resolve client concerns.

-Guiding Questions

Along with discovery questions, guiding questions also work to clarify issues and concerns along the sales and leads path.  Guiding questions are the glue that works to hold the sales and leads process together.  They are utilized by company team members to seamlessly guide the sales call along to the next stage as well as help to inform clients.  For example, a technician that has just explained the diagnostic process he is about to perform may ask a prospective client, “do you have any questions before I begin the diagnostic?”  This type of discovery question works to move the sales call along as well as works as a check-in to see how the client feels up to the current point in the call.  Discovery questions also help inform clients on what has been uncovered after the diagnostic.  When a technician finds a faulty part in a system or product and proceeds to explain the issue to the client then he may begin by asking, “are you familiar with this part (i.e the compressor)?”  Utilizing these types of questions, helps to create successful interaction and understanding between clients and tecnicians.

-Closing Questions-

When both discovery questions and guiding questions have been utilized effectively then closing questions can work to bring success to the call overall.  Closing questions do just that– work to close a sale.  After a client’s need has been proven and a thorough presentation has been given then closing questions can be used as the final check-in point.  Closing questions must be used carefully so it is best to ensure that they are used when clients have been fully prepped for a close.  However, it is vital that a tech clearly ask for the close because most clients will not close the sale themselves.  Some examples of these closing questions are, “so which of these two packages would you like?” or “If I can get the investment to this price then can you ensure that you’ll take the system?” Closing questions should be to-the-point yet also eloquent.  A team member should have worked so hard to build strong rapport interacting on the call then when he gets to the close, the client feels comfortable with him as a person and as a company representative.  But it is very important to remember that once a tech has asked for a close, that he be quiet and listen.

Developing strong questioning skills is an area that can help build a successful independent contracting company team.  In our post today, we explored the three important question types: discovery questions, guiding questions, and closing questions and how they effect sales and leads inside a contracting company.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training