Some people think they need to be a jerk to be a superstar.  There are plenty of examples of big producers that are also big jerks.   However, there are some ugly truths about these superstars that you may not know.

I’ve spent my career working with and building technicians and salespeople.  During this time I have worked with some real egotistical superstars.  Their attitudes can be some of the worst on the planet.

Yet, these superstars produce, so they typically receive a lot of grace from the owner.

You don’t have to be egotistical jerk to be a superstar

Just because you can produce the big numbers, you don’t have to be a jerk about it.  If you are a superstar, someone may have told you that arrogance is how you gain respect.  Sorry, but that is not true.  Confidence is perfectly fine, even good!  But arrogance will lead you down an ugly road.

You can be a superstar, and not be an egotistical jerk!  When you act like the “King of the Technicians,” you do damage to your reputation, and eventually alienate yourself from the team.

Ultimately, egotistical jerks suffer from the consequences of their attitudes.

If you are the big producer, congrats!   If you are the jerk, then take some lessons from Steady Eddie.

5 reasons why Steady Eddie wins at work

Steady Eddie has some amazing qualities that allow him to win at work and life.  Let’s break those down together.

#1 – Dependable and On-Time

Steady Eddie is the technician that is dependable and consistent.  You can count on Steady Eddie to show up and be ready to work on the daily.   He will be on-time in the morning, and will be properly dressed.

A jerk thinks the world will wait on him.  Steady Eddie knows that early is never late.

#2 – Coachable and Trainable

Steady Eddie keeps his eyes, ears, and mind open.  He knows that everyday is a new day to learn.  Instead of shutting down new ideas, he embraces them.

A jerk thinks he knows it all, and you can’t teach him anything.  RELATED – Training for Techs and Salespeople

#3 – Gratitude for All Calls

Steady Eddie is thankful for the opportunities of work.  He gets that a “tune-up” is a great opportunity to serve.  He understands that whether he makes a sale or not, is dependent upon his attitude of gratitude.

A jerk thinks he should only get the “best calls,” and you “better not send me on a crap call.”  RELATED:  4 easy steps to boost service agreements 

#4 – Loyalty

Steady Eddie is loyal.  He is not constantly threatening to jump ship.  He understands that business has its ups and downs.  He understands that you are working hard for the team, and he supports you.

A jerk will leave for the next shiny object.  “Loyalty is for chumps!”  RELATED:  8 warning signs a tech is about to quit

#5 – Easy to Work With

Steady Eddie is easy to work with.  He is part of the team.  He may not make the Top 10 List of Highest Producers, but he sure won’t make the Top 1o List of Biggest Jerks either.

If you are a superstar, then congrats!  You have done a lot of hard work to get to where you are.  Just remember this, you don’t have to be an egotistical jerk to be a superstar.  Adopt the 5 traits of Steady Eddie, and watch how you continue to improve as a person and as a producer.

At the end of the day, an owner would rather have 6 Steady Eddies than 3 Egotistical Superstars.

Have you ever worked with a real egotistical jerk?  How did their behavior effect your performance?  Please share and let me know what you think on Facebook and LinkedIn.