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Take your electrical services business from average to exceptional with our expert coaching programs and personalized business plans.

Out of the many verticals in the home services industry, electrical service companies face some of the most unique challenges when it comes to creating business plans. Luckily, our team of expert business coaches has many combined years of experience working in and with this industry. With our robust electrical coaching programs, agile leadership training and smart business plans, your business will see success like never before.

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Effective Training For Customer Service Representatives

Empower Employees And Satisfy Customers

The impact of your customer service representatives affects your business’s bottom line. Unfortunately, many CSRs aren’t properly trained or given the tools they need to excel in their position. This puts your trade business at risk of lost revenue, decreased client retention and company failure. When you empower your CSRs, you empower your whole business.

With coaching from Service Excellence Training, our programs can give your staff the skills to raise call close rates to 90% or higher, ensure technicians are dispatched to the right service calls and increase customer satisfaction. You will immediately see the results of our programs reflected in your revenue, and we’ll make sure it stays that way over time.

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Coaching Talented Technicians

Boost Sales With A Focused System

Our expert trainers have years of experience in the electrical industry, so we understand the unique challenges of residential electricians. We’ll help you establish your pricing system and diagnostic tools. Streamline your service calls and increase client satisfaction with our coaching methods. 

We’ll then train your electricians how to use our training system efficiently and how to ethically raise ticket values by going beyond the initial finding. With our training and thorough business plans, your company will soon meet your revenue and profit expectations.

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Train Your Sales Staff For Success

Give Your Lead Generation A Boost

A knowledgeable sales team is a fundamental aspect of your company’s success. With our training, your sales staff will become masters at lead generation and closing. In fact, our methods have been proven to raise sales close rates to 90% or more on referral leads and 60% or more on high-ticket marketed leads. 

With our invaluable coaching services, you can achieve these high rates for your electrical services business. Your sales team will learn how to reduce discounts and giveaways to increase profits while still closing at a high average. For a boost to your bottom line, get your sales team the expert coaching and training they deserve.

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Get The Most Out Of Management Training

Lead Your Company To Greatness

No one has the power to inspire hard work quite like a passionate, effective manager. When you have hard workers, you have happy clients and higher sales. Our coaching and training programs will give managers the skills and techniques they need to reach their leadership potential. 

They will learn how to recruit quality employees — even in a competitive job market. With our managerial programs, your managers will bring new life and energy to their work and your electrical company. Gain peace of mind that your company is in dependable hands when you invest in coaching for your electrician managers.

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Coaching For Owners In The Trades Industry

Spark New Life At Your Company

If you want to fix below-average sales or stagnation at your company, expert coaching from our experienced trainers is just the jump start your electrical company needs. We’ll identify problems you have with your pricing models, service system and company forecasts. 

Then we’ll stand by you as we work together to make plans and set them in motion. Our methods are effective, easy to implement and proven to work. We’ll increase customer satisfaction by improving company culture and by thoroughly training employees. With our owner coaching and training programs, your goals will become a reality.

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What SETs Us Apart?

Proactive Business Plans

A proactive business is a successful business. That's why our team takes the time to make sure every client has a proactive, not reactive, business plan. Our strategies make your business run more smoothly and profitable.

Proven Results

Our training services help businesses identify and achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether it's increased revenue or higher satisfaction rates, our methods allow you to see immediate and continued results.

Personalized Training

Our team of experts works hard to make sure your business gets personalized training. We'll work with your team one-on-one or in group settings to set and achieve your business goals. We develop training based on your goals!

Prioritizing People

We believe that people are the most valuable asset. We strive to provide outstanding benefits, life balance, leadership, and support to our team. We believe in helping people reach their greatest level of growth, contribution and satisfaction.

Success Stories

I've increased my sales from $250,000 a year to over $400,00! This really works.

-Scott Putman, Putman Plumbing

Success Stories

Over $2,400,000 in sales my second year after training with SET!

-Chris Yanez, Selling Tech

Success Stories

I sold $18,867 on my first call after SET's Press Play for Sales event series!

-Jake Pettit, Selling Tech

Success Stories

We have been with Service Excellence Training since 2015 and believe it is an integral part (training, coaching, mentoring) to our overall business model.

-Judy Mueller-Hyde, Director of Operations
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