“Earning $100,000 per year is a skill.  Once you figure out how to do it once, you’ll always be able to do it again.” I was told that Carl DiBene.  Carl is an ex Army Ranger, and somewhat of a legend in training plumbers.  He is tough, and demands that his people are tough as well.

Carl wasn’t my first boss in the residential game, but he was critical to my career.  Carl was the guy that recognized that I had a hidden talent.  He could see that I was capable of doing more, and therefor being worth more.  Everyone needs a Carl in their life.  Someone that can see the hidden potential and open a new world of opportunities.

Carl showed me the way.  In return, I have given the same gift to thousands.  [Check out our Classroom Training Page]

In this post, I’m going to share 5 key ingredients to earning big bucks in the industry.  (There’s a video included as well.)

5 Key Ingredients to Earn $80K to $100K PER YEAR

Bonus:  Start With Why

You need to have a “why” to making more money.  Money is important, but it can’t be your “why.”  What the money does for you is your “why.”  Such as:

#1 – Technical Skills

The service world requires technical skills.  Technical skills will give you the confidence and expertise needed to do the job well.

#2 – Communication Skills

Communication skills are necessary for building “like,” “trust,” and “value.”  When you have those things, you have influence.  And that is sales.  Sales is about the ability to influence people to make a decision.  If you are going to make the big bucks as a plumber, hvac tech, or electrician, then you have to have sales skills.

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#3 – Marketing

Good marketing is critical to making $80,000 to $100,000 dollars a year.  Without marketing, leads are far and few between.  It takes leads to make money in the residential trades.

#4 – Supportive Managers

Managers provide the support needed to make big bucks.  Without great managers, you will be stuck in a low income bracket.  Managers are the people that clear away the obstacles that get in your way.

#5 – Visionary Leaders

“Anyone can steer the ship, it takes a leader to plot the course.” – John Maxwell. A great leader is the person that can see how the market is moving.  The leader can see the future before you can.  And, he doesn’t keep it to himself.  The leader shares his vision with the team.  He paints you into the picture.  He does this with such clarity, that you begin to see your own vision of the future.

You may be at $40,000 per year.  And, you want to earn $80,000 to $100,000 plus as an hvac service tech, plumber or electrician.

Look at your ingredient list.

Do you have all 5?  Then you are ready to make some serious money!

Are you missing any of the ingredients?  Then it’s time to turn learning into earning.

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