I changed my life, and I want you to know how you can change your life too.   My name is Chris Yanez. I have been working in the HVAC trades for 11 years.   I work in Bakersfield California for Monarch Home Services.

Before I got into sales, I was an install manager for the company.   A year ago I had shoulder surgery, so I decided I needed to make a change.

My boss had confidence in me. So, he decided to sent me to a great class in Austin, Texas.   PRESS PLAY for SALES with Service Excellence Training. When I went, I didn’t know what to expect.   So, I absorbed as much as I could in the 2 1/2 days.

After training, I came out and sold $97,000 in the first week in HVAC replacement sales!   From then on, it just kept getting better and better.

It’s September the 7th now,  and I’ve already sold $1,230,000 in replacement sales.

My goal is to add another $500,000 in HVAC replacement sales every year.   It’s something I know that I’ll be able to accomplish.

I’m going back to PRESS PLAY for SALES in September training class. I’m excited about it!   I’m ready to take it more, learn more, and just continuing to get better.

My advice to anyone that wants to:

  • Step up their game
  • Change their life, and be able to
  • Support their family (like I have)

Get a hold of PRESS PLAY for SALES and Service Excellence Training sign up for the class!

Todd Liles, Thomas (Dougherty), and Chris (Loudermilk)  are all great teachers and they know what they’re doing.

It’s pretty much been the best thing that’s happened to me so far,  other than my kids and my wife.   I want to think my bosses for believing me. My wife for giving me the support.

Good luck to you guys, and you don’t want to miss the class.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Here is a short list of what we do in our PRESS PLAY for Sales Series.

We Increase All Sales Numbers:

1. REPLACEMENT Average Tickets
2. REPLACEMENT Closing Percentages
3. BIG Add-On Opportunities

This is the most powerful and transformational SALES experience for your Plumbers, HVAC Techs and Electricians.

Give us 2.5 days, and we will give you a highly productive sales machine.

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