I remember my first trip to buy my service tools.  It was awesome!  Mike Bellissimo (my boss) walked me into the supply house and said, “Todd’o my boy, you’re not a tech if you don’t have tools!”  He handed me a pair of Klein’s and said, “Don’t skimp on your tools.  Good ones will last you a lifetime, and keep you alive.  Bad ones will last a season, and could leave you dead.”  RELATED – How to Repair Your Tech or Salesperson’s Confidence

I didn’t know it at the time, but Mike was sharing a life lesson with me.  He was teaching me about the value of making a worthy investment, and using the right tools.  That day I bought over $600 in service tools.  That was no small amount for me, and I had to put them on the company tool account.  I still have those tools to this day!

Mike also taught me several other lessons about the tools needed to succeed.  Not every tool is used to fix a system.  Some of your power tools are for your mind.  Some are for your sales.

The Power Tools Every Service Tech Should Own

#1 – Car Library

I listened to Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, and Dave Ramsey daily as a tech.  I learned how to tell a story from Zig, and I learned how to communicate numbers from Tom.  Dave Ramsey taught me the value of saving my money for those slow seasons.

Using my car as a rolling library, allowed me to learn and grow while I drove.  I still practice this technique today.  I no longer use tapes and cds, now I use my smartphone to listen to podcasts, and books on Audible.

If you are curious, I’m currently listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast This is your life, and Think like a Freak by Steven Levitt.

#2 – Smartphone

Smartphones offer an amazing resource to techs!  Never before have we had such a diverse documentation tool at our disposal.  Here is a short list of ways that you can use your smartphone:

  1. Car Library as mentioned
  2. GPS
  3. Camera
  4. Video
  5. Resource Center – (Info sites like ours. 81.2% of our online visitors use their cell phones to read our blog.)
  6. Sales tool.  Yes!  Many techs use their phones as a sales tool by showing before and after jobs to the clients.
  7. Finance center

The list for a smartphone keeps growing daily!  You already have a smart phone in your pocket, put it to good use.

#3 – A Good Watch

You may be using your phone for your watch too, and that is fine.  However, there are still some amazing benefits to having a watch on your wrist.

The biggest one is the gentle reminder of time.  When you are gently reminded of the time, you are more focused.  This creates a higher level of production.

I use a “smart watch.”  No, not the AppleWatch.  I’m sure it is a great product, but I use the Samsung Fit Watch.  For $99 bucks, I have a great watch that talks to my phone.  Perfect for keeping me on time to my appointments, and doing some other fun stuff.  (I can control my music from my watch, send quick replies, and track my fitness.  I love all of those features!)

#4 – Lunchbox

You need to keep your mind and body fueled!  One of the best ways to do that is to keep a well stocked lunchbox.  You never know when you are going to get stuck on a jobsite, and can’t leave.  Don’t make the mistake of going all day without eating, and drinking water.  Stay hydrated, stay fed, and stay healthy!

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#5 – Great Image

You can only work with what God gave you.  But, as ZZ Top says,

“Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man!”

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#6 – Positive Mindset

This is the most important power tool at your disposal!  A positive attitude is an absolute key to your success or failure.

Have you ever met a guy that is a huge success, yet his attitude is negative!?  Of course not!  If you are saying “Yes”, then I promise you 1 of 2 things:

  1. You don’t really know the guy like you think you do; or
  2. You need to change your definition of success

Maintaining a positive attitude isn’t easy.   So, here are a few tips that will help you stay focused:

  1. Practice Gratitude.  It is hard to be thankful, and not be positive
  2. Practice Separation.  Don’t hang with dogs, and not expect to get fleas.
  3. Fuel your mind with Positive Thoughts.
  4. Rest.  Seriously!  You may not be negative, you may just be tired!

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These are 6 power tools every tech needs.  I’m sure this list is not complete.  What would you add?

Question:  What power tool is missing? Please comment and share on  and .

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