My first major career purchase as a 22 year old tech were my hand tools.

I spent $600 on a test meter, electronic thermometer, handbag, and a set of assorted Klein drivers. [Those are all originals in the pic.]

At the time, it seemed like money I didn’t have.  It would have made more sense to purchase a cheap set of tools from The Home Depot, and replace them one-by-one.

However, Mike Bellissimo (the owner) wasn’t about to let me follow that plan.

“You get what you pay for, and a tech is only as good as his tools.”

I still have the majority of those original tools.  More importantly, I have the learning lessons carried from the experience.

3 Lesson Learned by Paying for Value

  1. Cheap is Not Valued. No one remembers a $6 steak, treasures a $4 hand tool, or values a $2 service company.
  2. You Invest in Yourself First. Before others will pour their hard earned money into you, you must do it first.
  3. More Today is More Tomorrow and Less. Investing more money on quality upfront will always cost you less in the long run.  Investing more in yourself will make you more of who you want to become.

What Lessons Have You Learned From “Getting What You Pay For”