Maintaining stable client retention is one of the keys to success inside of every HVAC, plumbing, or electrical independent contracting company.  While it is important that marketing efforts, training, and non-negotiable action steps revolve around appealing to new clientele; it is imperative that service companies recognize the financial benefits and referral benefits that come along with maintaining company-client relationships with longtime customers and past clients.  In Tuesday’s blog, we discussed the importance of maintaining this company-client relationship as well as discussed skills that companies can embrace to build these relationships.  Today, we will delineate the second and final point of the “R&R” of retention— Repetition.


In order to maintain a strong relationship, whether in the business world or in personal life, we must be consistent and regular with our interaction.  Clients want to do business with companies that are repetitive in regards to provision of strong service excellence, delivery of professional customer service, as well as provision of solid technical expertise.   When clients see that the regular interaction with their service company consistently results in a wonderful experience then they will be on their way to becoming lifelong clients.  Developing this constructive repetition relies on several factors:

Scheduled Service Plans-

Providing scheduled maintenance plans for clients provides an opportunity for regular company-client interaction.  Clients feel confident investing with your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical independent contracting company when rapport has been established thus clients will be more likely to invest in a more long-term relationship with your company when technicians explain the multitude of benefits that come along with regular product and system maintenance.  Scheduled service plans allow a company to ensure that their clients’ investments remain well kept and efficient for the longest time possible, they allow a service company to display their service excellence skills, as well as provide an opportunity for the company to exhibit strong relational skills with their clients.  Scheduled service plans are a means for companies to reiterate their professional consistency thus they are an important factor in sustaining stable retention patterns inside an independent contracting company.


Along with the repetition of excellent service that comes along with scheduled service plans, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies can also display their consistency through maintaining their reputation for being a wellspring of great resources, advice, and information.  One aspect of providing great resources is through keeping a clean and up-to-date company website and social media sites that provide useful information, beneficial blogs, interesting links to websites, and current company promotions for consumers.  Along with providing consistently useful resources via the Internet, it is also important that your company be represented by a CSR, around the clock.  When your company invests in a phone answering service or creates an on-call schedule that allows clients to have a means to reach your company no what time of day then it creates a type of accessibility that is unique and above the industry standard in service excellence.  When your independent contracting company can be repetitively and consistently reached no matter what time of day and no matter what mode of communication then stronger client retention can be mastered and maintained.


This last repetition skill is important to implement within company-client relationships at every stage.  Expressing appreciation for your client’s loyalty to your company as well as appreciation for their investment and business is a skill that cannot be overused even when working with longtime clients.  Along with expressing this appreciation verbally it is also important that this appreciation be expressed through providing consistent service excellence.  Simply because a client has been with your company for a long period of time is no reason to put aside your company’s non-negotiable action steps but rather it is a time to put your company’s “best foot forward.”  Your company’s customer appreciation should be so repetitive and consistent that clients want to continually invest with your company for both the quality of your work and products but also because of the gratitude and gratefulness that your company team portrays.

Retention is all about the development of relationships coupled with repetition of amazing service excellence.  This consistent company-client interaction can be mastered when a service company understands the importance of promoting scheduled service plans, providing beneficial resources to consumers, as well as expressing consistent client appreciation.  Thank you for following our weekly blog.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.

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