The HVAC Contractor’s Perspective of Retention

By Todd Liles The HVAC Contractor’s Perspective of Retention

Retention contributes to solid stability and potential growth for all companies.  Inside independent contracting companies, strong retention grows from the preservation of a strong and passionate company team then works it way down to cultivating a solid base of loyal and thoroughly satisfied clients.  When HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies work to increase their retention in both of these important areas of business then they can make beneficial steps in the direction of successful growth.  In today’s blog, we are going to delve into the important aspects of retaining a strong company team as well as retaining a strong client base:

Team Retention:

  • Invest in Training your Team-When new employees join an independent contracting team they want to know that they have the potential to grow into an important and vital component of the company team.  While a new team member must first have the internal motivation and drive to succeed, it is also important that the company display to the new employee that they believe he or she can and will become an important piece of the team puzzle.  One way in which team leaders can do this is by investing in new as well as longtime employees.  When a company invests time, money, and resources in their employees it shows the members of their team that they are important and encourages their growth in skill and knowledge.  Training also provides an opportunity for increased motivation and confidence.  All team members want to feel confident as they take their new skills and understanding out into the field. Through proper training and practice, companies can ensure that they provide their employees with the needed motivation, confidence, and education to aid in their success.
  •  Provide Team Members with Clear Objectives and Goals-Along with providing in-depth training and implementing consistent practice of new skills for all team members, it is also important that leaders and managers provide clear, feasible, and manageable objectives and goals to their team members.  It is detrimental to the success of a company when leaders do not provide a clear vision or broken down goals to their entire team.  All managers, CSRs, and technicians want to know that their daily tasks and implemented skills are working to accomplish the company’s overall mission.  When proper objectives are provided to all team members, it gives each person a means to succeed as an individual as well as succeed as a team player.  It is a unifying burst of hope when all team members understand the direction in which to place their momentum, knowledge, skill, creativity, and expertise.

Client Retention:

  • Make a Wonderful First Impression-Strong client retention begins to occur due to the effects of investing time and energy into setting goals and training your team members on the skills they need to succeed in the field and on the phone.  When your company has retained a strong team that is devoted to providing service that is above and beyond the industry standard then they are sure to provide a shining first impression with each of their clients.  The first impression that a client has of your company will quickly become their perception.  When this perception solidifies in a client’s mind then it becomes his or her own “reality.”  If a client has a wonderful experience from start to finish with your company from the CSR on the phone to the install technicians that completes the installation then they will perceive your company and all your team members as excellent.  However, if your client has a bad first impression with your company and they initially develop a negative perception of your company then they may chalk up their experience with your service company as bad—even if you don’t get the opportunity to prove the excellent skill, knowledge, and expertise that your company team possesses.  For this reason it is so important that clients get a positive first impression that then sets the stage for the rest of the call so your team will have the opportunity to further prove their service excellence.
  •  Encourage Scheduled Service Plans-While it is so important to make a strong, positive first impression with all clients, it is also important that technicians explain the importance of Scheduled Service Plans during the presentation portion of the call.  For one, investing in a Scheduled Service Plan aids in keeping a system or product working at optimal levels for a longer period of time as well as keeps the product or system working more efficiently which saves money and time in the long run.  Scheduled Service Plans also provide your company with the opportunity to see clients on a recurring basis thus giving you the opportunity to further prove your unmatched service excellence and the outstanding nature of your company and team.  When clients hear from and see your company team on a regular basis then they can naturally begin to develop a relationship with your company.  While clients want to do business with a company that provides them with the best technical skill and expertise, they also want to invest in a company that cares about them and appreciates them as loyal clients.  Providing Scheduled Service Plans aids in this rapport building process of client retention.

Retention is a two-part process inside all independent contracting companies.  In order to have a strong company it is important to retain a strong company team by investing in team training and providing each member with clear objectives.  Company retention is also built through retaining loyal clients by creating a wonderful first impression and offering Scheduled Service Plans.  If you are interested in strengthening your company’s retention skills whether from a team perspective or a client perspective then feel free to give us a call today at 512-333-4133.  We love to help independent contractors grow their success.  Thank you for following our weekly blog.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training

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