First and foremost, can we agree that Ride-Along evaluations are a critical component of team improvement? I mean, how else can you find out exactly what is happening out in the field?  RELATED:  Training for Managers

Most business owners use CSR/Dispatcher Debrief Reports as a substitute for a ride-along.  BUT, can you get a complete picture from the debrief report? (Of course not.) Why? Because the story you get is being told through the eyes of your Dispatcher, from a short conversation with a homeowner or technician. 

I’m not saying the debrief report isn’t valuable. All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t hold up in a court of law as unwavering fact.  Nor, should it in your court. In the end, whose point of view matters most? That’s right, the clients. So, if we really want to see what the client is seeing, we can’t do that from behind a desk. That has to happen out in the field.

Now I know what you are thinking, my team hates ride-along evaluations and frankly, so do I. They get nervous and clam up on the call, which distorts/effects the results we need and want.

Are we building value in the ride-along, or are we building up fear?

The Anatomy of a Bad Ride-Along

Negative Mindset

  1. No Benefit/No Value
  2. Here is what you are doing wrong
  3. Beat Down Session
  4. Negative take away

But, what if there was a better way?

What if you mastered the art of an effective ride-along, and the team members were begging for another evaluation? Is it possible? Would effective Ride-Along Evaluations help your Leadership team to deliver better, and more consistent, results?

If the answer to the last question was NO, you will likely not want to waste your time reading the rest of this information. But, if your answer was YES, kudos to you, there is a better way. A more effective way to drive results through Mastering the Art of an Effective Ride-Along!

Fix the Mindset First

The first thing that we have to do is fix the mindset. Not only the mindset of the team member but the mindset of the Manager/Leader!  RELATED:  The 5 Traps of a Service Manager


  1. This is a way for you, the Manager, to catch your team member doing something right.
  2. This is a way for you, the Manager, to invest in the future of your team member.
  3. This is a way for you, the Manager, to build trust and build a relationship with your team member.
  4. This is a way for you, the Manager, to motivate and inspire your team member.

It’s important that you understand that your mindset as a Leader/Manager matters. Are you promoting the right things when you promote the Ride-Along?

If you promote the Ride-Along with the right mindset, does that change the perception of the Ride-Along in the eyes of the team member? Would they go into the Ride-Along seeing it differently? Would they then see it as valuable to them?  

YES!  And in Part 2, you are going to learn how to perform the Perfect Ride-Along.  CLICK HERE to Read Part 2

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