Mastering the fundamentals of anything is the key to being awesome at that thing. I like what one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Mr. Miyagi, said to Daniel in the movie The Karate Kid:

Daniel: When do I learn how to punch?

Miyagi: Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?

In another scene he says:

Miyagi: First learn stand, then learn fly.

In these scenes, Daniel is thinking he just wants to move to the cool stuff. He thinks that’s what being a karate master is all about. But Miyagi attempts to keep him focused on fundamentals. RELATED COOL STUFF >> Obliterate Objections

In the words of Mr Miyagi, here’s some of:

The fundamentals you must master to be a great technician:

  • “Someone always know more.” Remain a continual student. Read about new products. Learn about new technology. Learn from those around you. Never think you know it all or more than the next person. Always keep your mind open to learning. If you’re not always learning you will limit your earning.
  • “You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity.” It’s not always about the thing and how much technical knowledge you have learned about the thing. It’s mostly always about the person using the thing. You can fix the thing but get the knowledge to serve the customer as well. {Link to Press Play tech training}
  • “Look eye! Always look eye!” Always keep your head up. Never forget that you are an asset to yourself, your company, and your community. You have exceptional value. Always look the part. Don’t forget that your image extends to your truck, tools, and your actions. Look the customer in the eye and serve them but never forget your value.

As a technician, you are a valuable asset to your community and your company. To continue to be this asset, you must master the fundamentals by being a continual student, taking care of the customer, and taking pride in what you do.

What are some other things that you must master to be a great technician?

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