The Service Roundtable asked me to speak at their new Service World Expo in Las Vegas. My topic was called The Age of the Millennial – killing the service professional.   And I will admit it, I crushed my presentation!

It was so well received, that I didn’t want it to die.  So, I have recreated the presentation.  You will find it well worth watching.

I attacked this presentation with a few goals:

  1. Create true clarity about the millennial.
  2. Provide clear ways in which you can win with the millennial.
  3.  And, to show you how to recruit millennials in this competitive market.

I also wanted to make sure that this presentation was special. That it packed a unique punch that you don’t often see with other presenters.

After thinking through how to make this possible, I decided to include five guest speakers.    In this presentation, you will hear from the following five guest:

  1.  The Mystery Millennial:   this is a young man that works in the trades. He censored out his identity, but delivers some amazing input.
  2.  Alan O’Neill of Abacus plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical.
  3.  Chris Hunter of Hunter heating and air-conditioning.
  4.  Steve Harris of Harris plumbing.
  5.  Jason Shadowen of Electrical Detectives

Each of these presenters share something powerful and unique.

Enjoy the presentation, and as always, please share with your friends

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