Do you have children? If you do, then you know they are great at sales. Kids lack the road blocks that prevent adults from selling big.  GET YOUR DOWNLOAD:  Obliterate Objections.  One of the greatest hvac sales lesson I learned occurred from an interaction with my 5 year old nephew, Caleb Mayfield.

Caleb, wanted me to take him to the toy store. The initial sale he made was like this:

“Uncle Todd, do you think we could spend some time together?,” said Caleb.

“Yes of course Caleb. That would be nice.”

“Uncle Todd, do you think we could go to the toy store?”

Do you see what he did?! He got an easy confirmation, and then he started guiding the direction of the day.

“I was thinking that you and I could get a truck. We sure could have fun with it Uncle Todd. You and I could go mudding, jump the dog, and do all kinds of fun things. Doesn’t that sound great Uncle Todd!?”

When Caleb starting using visualization of ownership, I knew the sale was over. This kid has me!

Once we were in the toy store Caleb continued his Sales Presentation. He did what great sales people do:

1. He used emotions to make me want to buy.
2. He lost his fear of rejection.
3. He asked for the sale until he got what he wanted.
4. He used the power of contrast to get an up-sale.

As I was leaving the store, having spent more than I wanted to, I realized that kids are natural good at sales.

Now, Caleb is 16 years old. He is a money motived teenager, and is figuring out the world.

He recently started his own car washing business, and is advertising on Facebook.  With in the first week of business, he has managed to booked his daily slots. *That’s so cool!!* He is already dreaming of hiring his friends and having team members.

In addition to this, Caleb is here in Austin TX taking the PRESS PLAY for Sales.

Want to see me tell this story to our Sales Class? Check it out here:

Question: What Sales Lessons have you learned from a child?

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