Self-deprecation is a tool used by people with low self-esteem.  The idea is, “Join the laugh by being part of it.”  When a plumbing company falls into this trap of reflecting low-esteem through a bad tagline, it is not only a bad move, it is a very sad reflection of what is happening on the inside.

In one sense, it gives the person or plumbing company with low self-esteem more power than just being on the outside of the joke.  Be the joke! This is a standard in high school.  If you don’t fit in, you find a way to get others to laugh at you.  It is a sad approach to life.  One that should be short lived, and dies to the rise of self-value.

When you see the picture of the Plumbing Company “Plumbologist,” think about the person running that business.  Think about the plumbers in that business.

I bet he was like many of us.  Perhaps his teachers didn’t see the amazing value in his gifted hands.  VoTech was a class for kids not going to college.

However, perhaps I’m wrong.  Maybe his gifts were appreciated, just undervalued.  So, he chose a tagline for his company that undervalues his services.

“We’re #1 in the #2 business”

Service Excellence Training is here to help the residential contractor.  So, I’m not going to just contemplate the bad tagline for his plumbing company.  I’m going to provide a few suggestions for a better tagline, and send them to the owner via a link to this post.

Let’s start by evaluating the name of his business:  Plumbologist. The name is a play on the suffix given to different scientist.  Not a bad move in my opinion.  I actually like the reference.  Here are a few suggestions based off the concept of a “Plumbing Scientist.”

New Tagline Suggestions

Your Plumbing Scientist

Better Plumbing Through Science

The Science of Superior Service

The Science of Superior Plumbing

New Logo Suggestions

Imagine a logo that played on the theme of a scientist?  That could be really cool and powerful.  Bringing together the accuracy of science with the technology of plumbing could really sing in the public market place.

These are just a few suggestions for Plumbologist.  I hope this helps him, and doesn’t offend.  However, if it does offend, “the price of clarity is the risk of insult.”

What Suggestions Do You Have?