Logical thinking says that the winners in the Residential Service Business Game are the most efficient at production or quality.  Nope.  Not at all true.  The winners have the most relationships.

No one cares about your perfectly running residential service business.  The speed and precision at which you install plumbing or air conditioning parts isn’t generating excitement.

When you were thinking,

What is wrong with people?  Why can’t they see that my service business is the best one at installing air conditioning systems?

You were creating a feeling in yourself.  You made yourself feel:

  • Undervalued
  • Underappreciated
  • Angry
  • Depressed

Those feelings are not logical.  They are emotional.  And there is nothing wrong with feeling that way.  It’s normal.

There is nothing wrong with “those people” that can’t see your value.  You are those people.  I, and everyone else, are “those people.”

The problem is in your thinking.  You are trying to process why people buy from a logical perspective.

Please, stop that.

Your logical answer to the client’s problem isn’t cutting it.   You have built a residential service business on thinking.  And, that is killing your business.

People buy based on emotions.  They buy when they “feel” your plumbing company right choice.  Then they justify their feelings with logic.

That’s why logical thinking is killing your residential service business.

The #1 cause of Business Failure is the logical thought process – Ray Edwards

Do you want to win at residential service?  Do you want your plumbing company to be sought after?  Do you want your air conditioning company to be respected and busy?

Then change the way you think, and change the way you sell.

Stop focusing on logic, and start focusing on emotions.

Ways to Build Emotion

  1. Build Testimonials.  Put them on display.  People believe other people.  So, the next time you install a new Air Conditioning System, get a happy testimonial on video.  Share them with your new potential clients. HERE ARE A TON OF OUR’s
  2. Get Involved.  Your business is you.  Be out there in the public places.  Show up to the local football game.  Sponsor a charity.
  3. Know Your People.  Your team needs to know you love them.  Get fired up about the team, and they will get fired up about your company.
  4. Focus on Service.  Instead of always asking, “How does this drive sales?”  Ask this question,

How does this change a life?

When you get focus on emotions, your residential service business will thrive.

Question:  Have you ever found yourself stuck in logical thought?  How did you get out of that rut?