Many business owners have a very difficult time letting go of responsibility.  I know I do.

This is Matt Stewart teaching the P.R.E.S.S. P.L.A.Y. Sales Class. This is an example of me (Todd Liles) letting go.

This is in large part because of a desire to control a positive outcome for your clients.  You want your clients get more value than what they paid for, and you know you can make that happen.

You know how it is supposed to be done, and have done it, and can do it again and again.  But, you can only deliver this level of service one client at a time.

That is why you have to let go of responsibility, and give it to someone else.

Assigning responsibility is the only way you will grow your business past you.

So, how do you let go of responsibility, and still assure value?

  1. Document Your Standards:  If you have a way that you want something to be done, then but it in writing.
  2. Train Your People:  Show them how you want them to do an assignment.  Then, get them to demonstrate understanding through role-play and real life application.
  3. Let Go:  Trust your people to do the work.
  4. Inspect:  Letting go does not mean you do not maintain your standards.  It is still wise and appropriate to inspect the quality of your team members’ work.

If you are a control freak (like I am), this will be very difficult.  But give it a try.  You will receive far more benefits in business and in life when you learn to assign responsibility and let go.

How are you letting go?