I was recently in Belize on a family vacation. I had this strange epiphany while there. That is that there are basically two types of workers. Those who are grinders and those who fill a seat. As CSRs I think we often feel like we are there to fill a seat, especially when the phones are not ringing.

Let me explain the two types of employees and how to know which one you are.

The Seat Filler

  • This employee does the minimum required to keep their job.
  • Their coworkers would not use the phrase “takes initiative” to describe them.
  • They spend their time looking at the clock waiting for their shift to be over.
  • They are not invested in the success of their company.
  • They generally have a bad attitude when asked to do more.
  • Does not attempt to overcome objections.
  • Is not bothered by a lost opportunity.

The Grinder:

  • This employee is motivated to succeed.
  • They understand how their role helps to reach company objectives.
  • They look for ways to add value.
  • They offer to help when needed.
  • They fight for every opportunity.
  • They are goal driven.
  • They overcome objections like a boss.
  • They take missed opportunities personally.

When I was in Belize walking around the shops I noticed the difference in a very drastic way. The seat fillers did not acknowledge customers in the store. They did not ask if you were looking for anything in particular. They generally had their faces buried in their phone.

On the other hand, the grinders were friendly and helpful. They took the time to talk to customers.  They were energetic, informative, and seemed happy to be at work. One lady who owned an art shop took the time to explain how she created the work in the shop.

I walked into one store and the cashier had her head on the counter and her hoodie pulled over her head. That’s when it hit me, there are grinders and seat fillers. So, I ask you, which one are you? Which one do you want to be?

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