If you get online in one of the “Trade Groups” you will see an absolute hate and jealousy for the “Big” service companies.

As with many things on social media, it’s really easy to throw stones and name call. It’s easy because people don’t think of the online world as real. Well, the online world may not be real, but the people in it are real.

I think this hate and jealousy is really “envy disguised as a virtue.” That quote is from Adam Hamilton, and it just great. Thank you for that Adam.

And, the hate is also a poison. It’s a poison that stunts the growth of a small business.

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Why the Hate for “Big” Service Companies is Like Taking Poison.

Why the Hate for “Big” Service Companies is Like Taking Poison.

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Posted by Service Excellence Training, LLC on Saturday, March 17, 2018

In this video, I unpack the reasons why the hate for the “Big” Service Companies is unproductive and creates internal limitations.

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