An inspection is one of the best ways to discover the hidden challenges inside of a plumbing, hvac, or electrical system.  Finding those hidden challenges will do the following:  stop problems before they become issues, deliver a higher level of service, and create greater income opportunities.

However, most techs struggle with getting an inspection on every service call.

The Mental Struggle with Inspections

I believe the main reason that technicians struggle with getting inspections has to do with their mindset.  Most technicians don’t view the inspection as a 3 Win Benefit.  (Client – Technician – Company)

Many techs view the inspection as a waste of time.  They may also believe that the client sees the inspection as a Sales Tool, as opposed to a Service Tool.

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The Life Saving Benefits of Inspections

Inspections may result in more money for the service provider, but that isn’t the reason to do them.

Inspections should be done for the benefit of saving.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin

My mom is fighting for her life right now.  She has cancer.  The cancer started in her colon and moved to her liver.

For years prior to being diagnosed with cancer, my mom complained of stomach and bowel issues.  She would often address this issue with her doctor.  He would push it aside as something not to worry about.

Her stomach issues did not go away, so eventually she sought the opinion of another doctor.  He was a specialist in his field.  He did a complete inspection of her lower colon, and discovered that she had cancer.

All cancers are different.  Some are fast, and some are slow.  Thankfully, my mom’s cancer is a slow moving cancer.

The specialist told her that it is probable that the cancer has been there for a number of years, and just recently caused her problems to the point of seeking serious advice.

My mom’s treatment would have been much more effective, and less painful, if she had been diagnosed earlier.  RELATED – Prescription without evaluation and diagnosis is malpractice!

The most unfortunate part of all of this is that the doctor that she original told, also happened to be her employer.  Yes, she worked for the doctor that pushed her concerns to the side.

My mom on her wedding day. She is in the picture with her father.

My mom on her wedding day. She is in the picture with her father.

My mom with myself and my sister Melissa.

My mom with myself and my sister Melissa.

Will You Be the Professional?

Most of your clients’ problems are like my mom’s cancer.  They go unaddressed until the pain is too great to ignore.

This is a major problem in our industry and it needs to stop.

As a professional, you have a responsibility that extends past the item in front of you.  You have the potential of saving the client from great pain and future cost.

In the South, there is an asthmatic little girl that has mold growing in the air duct that runs to her bedroom.  Will it be discovered?

In the West, there is a Federal Pacific Panel that is heating up in a garage next to a gas can.  Will it be discovered?

In the North, there is a galvanized pipe that is about to flood a basement full of family memories.   Will it be discovered?

In your truck, there is a professional that can prevent these problems.  Will you discover them?

Question:  When has your inspection stopped a major problem from happening?   Please comment and share on  and .