Has the FUD caught you in it’s slimy trap? Be warned, the FUD is coming!

You may now know it, but you’ve had the FUD.  You’ll get it again.  You’re team members have had it, and so have your clients. It’s highly contagious, and very dangerous. So what is this FUD? And how does it spread?

What is the FUD?

FUD isn’t a mysterious disease. It’s Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. 

All first-time clients have it. Even your regular customer catch it from time to time.

It’s the fear of the unknown – you and your company. It’s the uncertainty of the size of their issue and how much it will cost. It’s the doubt as to whether you can fix it or not.

How do clients “catch” the FUD?

They catch it mostly from friends and family.  People love to talk about negative experiences, and negative experiences spread the FUD. RELATED: The Negative Little Ant

The FUD is spread on the phone; at get togethers, and in the coffee shop. 

Places Where the FUD is Spreading:

  • You can also catch the FUD from social media. They see a post about a tech that stunk. EI: he literally smelled bad.
  • Or, a story of being “ripped off.” 
  • They can also catch it from the evening news when they see a story about a little old lady that was sold a furnace she didn’t need.

The FUD is catchy. And, it can ruin your business.

There is a cure for the FUD, and that is the good news.

5 Ways You Can Cure Your Customer of the FUD?

The best way to cure your customer of the FUD is to look and act like a professional expert.

1. First impressions last forever.

To make the best first impression, here are 2 things you must do:

  1. Dress the part. A clean company uniform, shirt tucked in, and good grooming.
  2. Drive the part. A clean truck is just as good as a new truck. Wash it. Shine the tires. Keep it organized.

2. Explain what you are doing and why.

Seeing is believing. Keep the customer with you while you work if safe to do so. Also, explain to them what you are doing and why.

3. Show them the pricing up front.

Whatever pricing tool you use, make sure the customer can see it and fully understand it before the work is done.

4. Do an outstanding job.

Be better than the last tech, even if it wasn’t your specific trade. Take care of the customer’s home and leave your workspace cleaner than you found it.

5. Educate the client.

Remember that your job is to educate the customer about ALL issues with their system. Don’t shortcut that responsibility by “just fixing it”. Give them all of their options.

If you aren’t sure you can cure the customer, we can help.

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