There is a bad case of poor interviews in our industry.  My clients have told me some shocking interview stories.  Like the plumber that was smoking as he walked into the building.  Or, the hvac tech that had his pants below his butt.

While those are rare interview blunders, the mistakes described in this post are far too common.

My hope is that this serves as a guideline for managers and future interviewees.  This will be a 3 part series.  RELATED:  The Manager Series Training Program

In this first post, you are going to get The 3 Critical Don’ts of an Interview.  In part 2, you are going to get The 8 Keys To Landing Your Dream Job.  Part 3, will cover The Manager’s Guide to Great Interview Questions.

The 3 Critical Don’ts

Key #1:  Don’t Bad Mouth Your Previous Employer

You may be looking for a new job because your last one wasn’t great.  It could even be that you were mistreated.

While I have sympathy for you, you shouldn’t bad mouth your last employer in an interview.

The person that you are interviewing with doesn’t understand how you were treated in your previous position. So, you might come off like a complainer.

When the interviewer asks you, “Why are interested in working with us?”, say the following:

“Your company has a great reputation in the market place.  You do a great job of serving the client.  I feel like my skill sets and passion would be a great addition to your service team.”

Key #2:  Don’t Show Up in Another Company’s Truck To Your Interview

I was a partner in a plumbing and air conditioning company.  From my office window, I could see the parking lot.  When I set an appointment for an interview, I would turn my attention to the parking lot.

I was looking for a couple of things:

  • Timeliness
  • Driving skills
  • Care of personal vehicle

I was also looking to see if the interviewee pulled up in another company’s van.  If he did, the interview was over.

Let me explain why the interview wouldn’t move forward if a service plumber or hvac tech arrived in another company’s service vehicle.

Premier companies demand fierce loyalty and integrity from their team members. 

Going to an interview in another company’s vehicle is like cheating on your girlfriend.  And, you borrowed your girlfriend’s car to take the other girl on a date.  RELATED:  Choose Talent Over Passion

That type of behavior isn’t tolerated at a premier plumbing or air conditioning company.

Key #3:  Don’t Ask About Pay on the First Interview

Most premier service companies WILL NOT hire on the first interview.  Premier plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning companies look at the first interview as a Relationship Building Session.

The first interview answers the question,

“Do I like this person, and can we do business together?”

When a service professional goes too quickly to the pay it leaves the interviewer wondering,

“Why is this person so desperate?  I wonder if he is a poor manager of his money, and other things.”

You need to leave the first interview with a strong positive impression.  If the manager likes you, he will invite you back for an additional interview.  Money will come up in a future interview, address it then.

Think of this process like a sales process.  You don’t talk money until both sides are ready to shake hands.  Once you have a strong commitment, money is just a number.  Without a strong commitment, money is a trust issue.  RELATED:  FREE eBook:  Obliterate the 5 Sales Objections from Your Workweek

Question:  What is the one thing you would never do in an interview?  Please comment and share on  and .

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