If you’re not failing, you’re not trying!

I had a super embarrassing failure at the gym Sunday.  It happened on my last set of squats.  The bar was loaded with 450 pounds.  This is a heavy weight, but not impossible.  3 months ago I squatted 463 pounds for 1 rep.  Last week, I squatted 430 for 4 reps.


The goal was to squat 450 for 3 to 5 reps.

I recruited a 3 guys to spot me for safety, and I was ready!

I get under the bar, walk it out, take a deep breath, squat down, come up, and fail right in the middle.  The “sticking point.”

While this experience sucked, I know that this failure made me stronger.

There are many lesson in failure, and in today’s video I share the most important with you.

Keep this in mind as you are learning, and trying new things that stretch your ability.

QUESTION:  How has failing benefited you?  

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