servant heart


In order to be a truly effective leader, we must first transform into a servant by acquiring a heart for servant hood.  When we learn the value and the long-term effects of embracing a servant’s heart then we can grow our teams and our businesses into organizations that thrive and grow in service excellence.  In our post today, we are going to explore the three ways in which we can embrace a servant’s heart while growing our team and HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company:

-When you implement rules and team protocol, ensure that you make yourself adhere to the same guidelines that you put in place for others-

When learning to lead, it is important to remember that team members respect and respond best when they know that their leaders assign rules, tasks, and duties that they themselves would be willing to complete.  When leaders first exemplify the non-negotiable standards that they set for their company team then they begin to exemplify their servant hood and their respect for their team.  A true servant leader doesn’t see himself as an exception to the rules or guidelines but rather an extraordinary example.  The first component of developing servant hood within an independent contracting company is to first demonstrate a servant’s heart as a team player, which leads to respect as a team leader.

-Work to meet needs at the source rather than sweeping issues, concerns, and questions “under the rug”-

Along with carrying out all team protocol, excellent servant leaders will make it their mission to meet needs and resolve issues at the source of the concern rather than ignore the true issue to get a false sense of resolution.  It takes time, hard work, and true concern in order to extinguish difficult issues from their source.  Leaders that make it their goal to resolve core concerns, learn how to effectively listen, discover true needs, and see issues from another person’s perspective.  Servant leaders that see the importance of this skill are leaders that see the beauty of streamlining communication and the importance of resolving conflict quickly in order for company development and client relationships to be built efficiently.

-Make it a daily goal to bring passion to the company culture (even in those moments when you don’t feel like it)- Growth-oriented servant leaders will also see the importance of kindling passion inside their company team.  When leaders bring excitement to the in and out of company interaction they work to bolster coworker encouragement and effectively motivate their team.  Company team members respect and enjoy a vibrant and happy environment to work in and there is no better team member to set the stage for this positive company culture than a company team’s servant leader.  When passion and drive is mixed with a servant’s heart as well as combined with an excitement and desire to lead then it is a mixture for outstanding company culture and company development.

A focus on servant hood works to grow us into strong and understanding leaders.  In our post today, we explored three areas in which we can grow our influence as both a servant and a leader: live by the team guidelines that are put into place, meet direct needs, and become a source of company passion.  Thank you for following our weekly posts.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training