One of the most iconic scenes in any Western Movie is in The Treasure of Sierra Madre. Humphrey Bogart is playing a gold miner, and Alfonso Bedoya is playing a bandit set on taking the claim.


Bedoya’s character attempts to bluff Bogart by claiming to be the Federales. Bogart says, “Prove it. Show me your badges.”

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The scene works so well because it is a battle of wits between two people at odds.


Two people calling the other person’s bluff.


I’ve seen this scene played out in real life. It goes a little something like this:


Manager: “How did the tune-up go?”


Tech: “Great! I’m a great tech, of course it went well.”


Manager: “Great. Let me see the inspection checklist.”


Tech: “Checklist? I don’t have to show you any stinking checklists!”


Manager: “If you were really a great tech, that did a great tune-up, you’d have a checklist. Show me your checklist.”


Tech: (Pulls verbal six-shooter and starts his verbal assault.)


How many times have you been in this battle?

I bet you were in it yesterday!

This is a dangerous battle between Managers and Techs. It’s one that can lead to client, tech, and manager dissatisfaction.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this challenge, and it’s one that ends with all walking away uninjured.

Today’s Lessons

In today’s training video, you are going to hear about:

  • The importance of a checklist.
  • How to use a checklist without overburdening your techs and people.

You will also learn about the critically underused principle of:

  • “The Minimum Effect Dose”

Today’s training video is one that you should share with your team in your next training session.

 VIDEO: The Battle between Managers and Techs

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