John quickly walked to his truck. He cut through the grass instead of using the drive. His sales binder was under his left arm and with his right hand, he fumbled for his keys. As he pulled the keys out of his pocket, they slipped to the ground. “Dammit!” John bent over to grab his keys, and his papers slid out of his binder. “&*@^!” He kicked at the papers and managed to rack his shin on the runner of the truck.

“That’s it! I’m done. This &*@^ sucks, and people &*@^ suck!”

John slumped into the seat of his truck. He should be calling in to give his debrief, but he wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to hear the voice on the other side. “She sucks too!” he thought. “The whole world sucks.”

John has reached a very low point in his life.

John was once a million-dollar producer. “A Champion!”  But this year has been different for John. He’s had one too many setbacks too close together. It started with a divorce. Then a change in leadership at his company. And now, John’s little girl doesn’t even want to come over during John’s visitation weekend. “I don’t blame her. I’ve become a real &@^$.”

John has lost his way. His confidence is gone, and he believes that the world is a cold place.

John is thinking about running away from his current life. Just pulling up stakes and going anywhere but here. “Right now, I’d be happy just hiding away on some old friend’s couch.”

If John quits now, then he will get a few brief moments of relief. After a small passing of time, the relief will give way to greater hardships.

If John keeps doing what he’s doing, then his life will only get worse.

What John needs is a change in his mindset. He needs to get his mojo back. John needs to find a way to start winning again!

Resources to Start Winning Again When the World Is Against You

You may be in a similar situation as John. You may feel like you can never win again. I understand. Believe me, I’ve been there.

However, I’m here to tell you that your best life is in front of you! Life has something special in store for you. You were born to be a winner, and you can start winning again!

All you need is to get your direction and momentum back.

Below are 5 great resources to help you regain your momentum. Each of these resources offer a unique perspective on Winning Again when the World is Against You.

#1: How to Get Up After a Crushing Event

Do you get back on or quit?

The story of losing my mom. How it destroyed my world, and how I managed my way through it. READ HERE >>

#2: The Negative Little Ant

The Negative Little Ant

The story of a Happy Worker whose mindset was changed by an Unhappy Leader. READ HERE >>

#3: Rant Against the Poverty Mindset

Rant against the Poverty Mindset

A video rant on why the Poverty Mindset must be destroyed. WATCH HERE >>

#4: 3 Steps to End the Seasonal Slump

3 Steps to End The Seasonal Slump

Practical advice on how to overcome your sales slumps. READ HERE >>

#5: Jack Arnold: The Blessings of Setbacks

How Jack Arnold’s broken leg was actually a blessing in disguise.  READ HERE >>

If you are going through a setback, know that your greatest life COULD BE ahead of you! Your future can be better than you can possibly imagine.

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